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Requiem for a Circle

At 7 Briar Hill, Jake and Cassie are talking about Lucy. He wonders if her warning is accurate. They also talk about Adam (and possibly Cassie) not trusting him. Who cares about trust? LOOK AT HIM. His face is what marble and butter would look like if they had a baby. I'm crying a little bit right now. Whoever does his hair on this show should get some sort of humanitarian award. Cassie changes the subject (grrr) and asks how the medallion works. She thinks that if they figure out how it works, they can stop the witch hunters forever. He suggests they try it downstairs, since the symbol on the medallion matches the symbol on the ceiling of the basement. Once down there, they don't know what to do. She tries to catch the light or line up the symbols. Nada. Then, she just starts to look at it real hard. The house starts shaking and the wind starts blowing. She says that something feels wrong then she screams for him to run. She can't move. Instead of leaving, he tackles her and she's on top of him when Adam runs downstairs. Oops!

Adam's pissed and walking away with Cassie on his tail. She's trying to explain that they were just trying to learn how the medallion works to protect them from the witch hunters that Lucy told her about. Adam reminds her that Diana's grandmother told her that her father became consumed with dark magic, but she doesn't know what other choice they have. He tells her that she's not alone and the power of the Circle will protect them. She says OK but you know she's not buying it. Has he seen the dark magic on her?

She goes back inside and Jake teases her about running after Adam. She says that they're not done and are going to talk to Lucy. Lucky that she told you where she is staying, though people are out to kill her! The Lucky Circle is what we should call these guys.

Melissa and Faye are having another painful lunch at the Boathouse. Melissa tells Faye that only dog bones were found in John Blackwell's grave. All Faye has to say is to ask if Diana is her new bestie. Wow. She says that Cassie is a creepy Stepford freak with dark magic and daddy issues. Melissa reminds her that they're part of the same Circle. Then, Faye produces the Devil's Spirit junk she got. Melissa asks if she got it from her creepy friend Lee and she says that, no, she got it from his even creepier biker friend. I like the excitement in her voice. We're similar this way. Diana arrives and Faye says Melissa could either go follow orders from her or find the inner Melissa with drugs. Wow, that's a friend.

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Secret Circle




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