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Requiem for a Circle

Charlie visits Dawn to threaten her or something, but instead sees her on the floor and brings her back to life with the crystal. She's as shocked as we are. Melissa meets Callum on a deserted alley. She tells him that he reminds her of Nick. And, the devil's spirit made the night easier. He gives her more and tells her that she went through the last bag pretty quickly. She needs to watch it. Seriously, she's a drug addict in one evening? I can't wait for her strung out though. She's going to kill it. Faye arrives at some place and says that she got their text. Um, it's Jake. And, they start macking. Somebody's FINALLY tapping that. This is good.

At the Boathouse, Adam opens a cupboard that is filled with cookies (wrapped in cute plastic bags). He smiles. Lucy meets with Eben, the head witch hunter from Jake's memory. He, of course, has horrible burns on his face now. He's upset about Lucy failing to take the Circle's power in that smiling but I'm going to kill you way. And, he slits her throat. See ya, Lucy.

In the basement at Briar Hill, Cassie is playing with the medallion and making the wind whip and all that. She stops and looks ahead and says, "Daddy." Doesn't look like anyone's there though. Maybe they just feel each other right now.

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Secret Circle




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