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Rain, Rain, Come This Way
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Hello, Secret Circle, I've been waiting for you. Your ads have been sufficiently tantalizing, your cast is above-average hot and I like my autumns filled with supernatural shiz. Here's hoping this is the beginning of a bewitching relationship. We begin with a voiceover from a woman: "My sweet Cassie, I didn't want you to have this life, but destiny's not easy to run from." Underneath, we hear this creepy young voice singing like finger-playing on the piano. I love it. I will be singing it non-stop, whenever something weird happens. I know this about myself.

Cassie is driving along a quiet strip of highway at night (and listening to Passion Pit?) when a honking car passes her recklessly. She's like, "Come on!" Then, she has a blowout, which magically (?) turns off her radio too. She gets out and the car that sped past her is stopped a few yards ahead of her. She waves at the car for help, but then it speeds off like a jerk. Next, she's calling her mom as she's trying to change her tire and this girl has as much chance of getting a lug nut off of a tire as I do fitting my foot into one of Kristin Chenoweth's heels. Her mom insists that she's going to come to her, but we see the same car that passed Cassie show up outside of her house. They don't have curtains, really. Driving the car is a menacing looking guy. The Canadian who almost married Susan on Desperate Housewives. Suddenly, the signal gets static-y and Cassie can't hear her mom anymore. The guy gets out of his car and walks towards the house, while draining a bottle of water (?). Then, he drops the bottle. Suddenly, the sink bursts in the house -- water is everywhere. The dude then lights a match and the stove flames up. She turns off the stove but he lights another match then another. Fire everywhere. All over the kitchen. She slips in the water and hits her head. Then, she comes to, gasping, "Cassie." She tries to crawl out but this guy just keeps lighting match after match and the fire engulfs the home and the mom really quickly. She's a goner. He lights one more cluster of matches and the windows in the home burst. Bye, mom.

A month later, we see Cassie overlooking a beautiful northwestern vista while standing beside her car. She wipes a beautiful tear from her beautiful face and gets back into the car and drives into Chance Harbor, Washington. She drives through a gorgeous suburb and stops and a lovely old home. She is greeted by her grandmother at the door. She hugs her and says that she should never have let Cassie drive by herself, but she says that she didn't give her a choice. She brings her into the house, where her mother grew up, and apparently she'd never been there before. She moves into her mom's old room and asks her grandma why her mom never came home. She says that Cassie had just been born when her dad had his "accident." That's all they really know. Cassie looks at an old photo of kids from the early '90s.

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