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Rain, Rain, Come This Way

That night, Cassie is getting ready for bed when she sees from her window a studly dude with his shirt open just standing around his room. I'm suspecting that there's a mirror nearby that we don't see. And, perhaps an iPhone? You know the kids and the pictures and the naked these days. Epidemic. Anyway, he looks at her and saunters over to the window with a "coffee, tea or me?" sort of swagger. She's not having it. She shuts the curtains and changes her shirt. Then, she turns around and the curtain is open again! She looks out the window but doesn't see the stewardess. Those curtains are cute. This room has aged really well.

Cassie is getting ready for bed and humming the theme tune when grandma comes in. She says that her mother used to hum that tune all of the time and Cassie says, duh, she knows, that's where she got it. She asks Cassie if she's ready for the next day at school and Cassie's like, meh. She says that if Cassie has trouble sleeping she can do as her mother did and count the stars. Cassie looks at her like, "I'm not trying to be camping right now, Grams." But, when she gets into bed she sees lots of glowing stars on her ceiling. Now she gets it. She looks at pictures of her mom on her phone. She should hook that up to a charger.

The next day, Cassie meets with Principal Chamberlain, who is played by Natasha Henstridge. She says that she knew Cassie's mother well. She seems nice. In the hall, the stewardess is at his locker when this guy with seriously brooding eyes walks up to him urgently. The stewardess says that "she" arrived yesterday. And, that's all he's got. These two don't really seem to be that great of friends. We see Cassie wandering through the hall when she locks eyes with the brooding guy. He's really looking hard. She can't get into her locker when two girls show up. One girl with enormous eyes who is clearly evil starts a convo with Cassie by saying, "You're the new girl. You're very pretty." She tells Cassie to try her lock again then walks away and, you got it, the locker opens.

Another girl, this one looks like a good egg, walks up and says that big eyes was Faye and she's the "resident bad girl." Cassie says that she was convincing. She says that her name is Diana and she knows Cassie's grandma. She invites Cassie to the Boathouse after school. She'll show her around. "Everyone" hangs ut there.

Cassie follows orders and arrives at The Boathouse, which actually looks like a really cool place. I bet their gazpacho is rad. She wanders into the grille and looks around. Suddenly, this rather haggard dad-looking dude (who is kinda hot, if you ask me) sees her and says, "You're Amelia's girl." He tells her that he's sorry about what happened to her mom. He says that he loved her mom (as he pours himself and shot of whiskey and drinks it), which her dad apparently was not wild about. Imagine! He says that it was "written in the stars" though. Cassie looks confused. Suddenly, Adam, the guy who was staring at her from school, is behind the bar and taking the glass out of his dad's hands. No drinking in the daytime, apparently. But, it's OK to bartend when you're in high school. Washington State liquor laws are made for fun. His dad introduces them and walks away saying that Cassie is beautiful and WORD. This girl is so cute. Adam apologizes for his old man. They officially meet and Adam tells Cassie she can sit and he'll bring her a mai tai, I mean, menu.

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