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Rain, Rain, Come This Way

Cassie sits in a booth and Adam asks her how her first day was. She reminds him that it isn't over yet. In China it might be. She is then joined by Faye and the other girl from earlier, Melissa. Faye says that Adam is hot and Cassie should make a play for him. We find out that the Principal at school is Faye's mom. Faye says that Cassie shouldn't be fooled by her nice act -- she can be a bitch. Seems like that might run in the family. Then, Faye says that Cassie is totally Adam's type -- sad and delicate. Clearly (and with good reason -- I mean, c'mon, bitch) offended, Cassie says that she's not feeling too delicate at the moment (which really isn't that great of a comeback if you think about it), so she's going to leave. See? Leaving is kind of a delicate move. Not her strongest semantic moment.

Melissa and Faye, who really loves to direct her lines facing her chin downward -- can't say I'm not into it right now -- watch her get into her car. Melissa says that she doesn't think that Cassie knows and Faye decides that she needs a nudge. Cassie's car won't start, then the engine catches on fire and the doors won't open. Faye keeps waiting for her to put out the fire, but bitch is just trying to get the hell out of the burning car. Adam arrives and starts to try to get the door open. Finally, he concentrates real hard on the fire and it goes out. He's also able to open the door and pulls her out. She looks delicately into his eyes. She's saved! And, her lip gloss is still perfect. Commercials.

We return and Cassie is sitting with Adam on the back of an awesome freaking jeep. Diana arrives and asks if Cassie is OK. Adam says that Cassie's engine blew as he looks at Diana like something else is totally the answer. Cassie says that it was really weird what happened. She says she's going to call her grandmother and Diana says, no, Adam will take her home instead. SHE SHOULD TOTALLY CALL HER GRANDMOTHER. Can you imagine, fancy Wiccan priestess or no, how furious your guardian would be if you didn't call them after your freaking automobile exploded? There are at least insurance and smoke inhalation medical care issues to discuss! Well, maybe she was just stunned after Diana tells her that the boy who has been making sexy warlock eyes at her is her own personal boyfriend. And, he takes her home. She is still perplexed about the locks in her car and Adam wonders if she didn't lock them when she was trying to unlock them out of panic. She's sure that she knows how to work a lock, duh. He tells her that he and Diana have been together for three years. Maybe Diana was sad and vulnerable when he met her but she seems kinda with it and strong and happy now. Faye's a damn liar. She doesn't know Adam's type AT ALL. She also doesn't know how to put out fires. He apologizes for his dad and she says that she thought he was sweet. So, I love the soundtrack on this show. Lots of pretty girl voices singing songs that make you want to cry or ride a bicycle though you can't even hear the lyrics.

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Secret Circle




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