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Nick approaches the school from the back. A security guard asks what he's doing and he breaks the guy's neck. I don't think that's as easy as they make it look on TV. Also, is everybody super freaked out about the mass murders that are happening in Chance Harbor? No one else finds this shit ever? I can understand the amusement park murders going undetected for a while (though I'd imagine there would have to be some sort of search for the missing; except, no one mentioned Luke's absence and he went to their freaking school), but someone HAS to talk about the dead security guard or I call bullshit.

Back in 1995, Amelia tells Elizabeth that John is dangerous. Elizabeth is really pissed off at her. She says that it's her fault John is in their midst. Then, Amelia drops the bomb that she knows Diana is John's. Whoa. Elizabeth says it was a mistake but she doesn't regret it because it gave her the greatest gift blah. She holds her necklace, which... wait for this... is the SAME ONE Diana got that morning. She says that if anything bad happens then it's Amelia's fault, that she's done listening to Amelia and then leaves/disappears. Diana asks where she went and Cassie offers the hooey that she was only part of the "psychic imprint" of this "event" and once she left the crystal, she left the picture. I do not believe that Cassie Blake talks about psychic imprints. I don't. They follow Amelia.

Adam and Melissa are standing in the hall and Melissa says that they're never going to fall love. He tells her that things will get better. Melissa says that having magic hasn't been fun, so he tells her to look at an intercom speakers. Then, it starts playing the music that is playing on the dance floor. They look at the lights and they get moody like they're on the floor. Then, he takes her hand and they dance. Sweet!

On the floor, Jake is preoccupied and Faye says that going to prom with him isn't as fun as she had hoped. She reminds him that he ditched her for prom years earlier and she waited for him for hours. He seems almost impressed that she waited for him. Then, she makes him dance with her. She says that he needs to talk about his feelings about Nick. He thinks it's his fault Nick died. She says that they were all there when Nick died, so they could be blamed as well. He needs to let go of the self-hatred. I agree, but it's SO PRETTY when he hates himself.

Cassie and Diana follow Amelia into Mr. Conant's (Adam's grandfather) classroom. She's returning his crystal to him. She tells him that she's leaving Chance Harbor. He magically shuts the door and makes her sit. She tells him that Ethan was turning John over to the witch hunters currently. She says that he made the six girls in her Circle get pregnant. He used magic to make the other girls conceive. Ew. Mr. Conant deduces that he was trying to create a Circle centered on Balcoin blood. As she's leaving, she says that he should tell Ethan that she doesn't love him, though it's a lie. Cassie knows now that her pops is using her. She and Diana come out of the past. Cassie is upset. She says that Diana is right about Blackwell and apologizes to her. Diana says that she should apologize to the Circle and it's Cassie's fault that he's in their lives. She says that her mother is dead because of Amelia. Hmm. She didn't force him to sleep with Blackwell AND she warned her about what was going down. Just saying. Diana stomps out as Melissa and Adam come in. She tells them what she learned about John and that she knows where the last crystal is. Shit. Nick heard them. It's a race to the trophy case, which is where the crystal is. They go in different directions.

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Secret Circle




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