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I Learned It By Witching You

Cassie talks to Jane on the phone. After she's off, she sees someone standing outside her door. It flies open and there's a man with a natty suit and really excellent hair and beard grooming standing on the other side. He says that he's John Blackwell, Cassie's father! Perhaps he has been working at a department store all these years? I'm just saying, he looks like he spends A LOT of time thinking about tailoring. She asks how she knows that's true and he says that he knows that she knows. She's pissed about him being a deadbeat witch all these years. He says that he was aware that she had activated the medallion. She tells him to go (Really? You don't even have any questions) and that she doesn't need his help (Really? Mel Gibson's ash tray is sprinkled around your house. You need help). Then, John looks out the window and sees Adam drive up. He tells her to meet him at the boardwalk in an hour -- all will be explained. He tells her not to tell Adam about his presence. He says that everything he has done has been to protect Cassie. She agrees and he leaves as Adam walks in, without knocking. Rude. He invites her to a movie and she says that something has come up. Then, she just spills the beans about her dad being there. That was fast. Adam tries to keep her from meeting her. He reminds her of all the stories about his evildoings. Adam thinks that he's there for more than just helping her.

Faye is doing her nails when Diana calls. She's looking for Melissa. Faye says that Diana is awfully clingy in relationships and Diana says that she's just looking after Melissa post-devil smack OD. Faye tells Diana that she's at Callum's party and Diana freaks out about what might be happening, which shames Faye. She says that she can find out where Callum's party is (even though they got invited together). We see Lee sitting at the bedside of the catatonic girl. She's not hooked up to anything, which must be nice for her. He gets up and goes to his spooky garage, where Faye and Diana are waiting. He jokes about Diana coming back for more and she says that she doesn't know what he's talking about re: Diana all hopped up and kissing him like he was the sexy pizza guy she ordered. Faye tells him that they need to know where Callum lives. He's startled that they let Melissa go alone to Callum's. He's going with them. He says that he practices bad voodoo and some people leave his parties never being the same. Ouch.

It's apparently totally dark an hour after Cassie met John. She sees him on the boardwalk. He says that the truth is bigger than the stories about their family line being evil. He says that he loved her mother. She's upset. She wonders if he's apologizing for missing dance recitals, even though she never did those things. He tells her to give him the medallion, because it's dangerous for her to have it. She says that Adam was right about him wanting something from her. He says that she shouldn't have told him. She says that she doesn't need his help and has been fine without it for this long. She stomps off and gets into her car where Eben grabs her from behind!

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Secret Circle




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