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I Learned It By Witching You

Jake and John are in the woods. Jake says that the hunters were taking Cassie to this place, which he knows because he has "history" with the hunters. Eben shows up with Cassie and says any funny business and she's dead. The deal is Cassie for Jake. Eben says that they have unsettled business. Jake agrees. Eben looks in Cassie's black eyes and tells her to go to her father. She does. Eben puts cuffs on Jake (he says that the iron will keep his "power in check" -- so may made up witch rules on this show) as Cassie and John walk away. Jake asks why he didn't kill Blackwell and Eben says that he doesn't have to, Cassie will. Cripes!

Callum confronts Lee about the fact that Faye and her friends are witches. He's interested. Lee slams Callum against a... fence? In his apartment? So, yes, a fence. He does this and tells him to stay away from Faye and her friends. Callum says that Lee is using them too. That's what they do. Lee just walks away.

John and Cassie are walking through the woods. When Cassie grabs a branch and some leaves. She's tying the leaves around the branch when John asks her what she's doing. She says she doesn't know! Black eyedrops are bad! She points the stick at John and he falls to his knees. She starts to make a circle around John on the ground with the stick, even as she's saying that she doesn't know what's happening. John says that it must be a spell. She tells him to stop her but he says that he doesn't have magic anymore. She asks him to knock her over or something but he says he won't hurt her. He also says that she's stronger than she thinks. She points the stick at him again and the circle that she made bursts into flames.

Eben is walking with Jake and makes him drop to his knees. He says that his usefulness has come to an end. Jake reminds him that they had a deal and Eben says that Jake's father said that, right before he slit his throat (which is why I wonder why all this fancy witch-killing stuff needs to happen if you can dispatch with them as easy as that). Suddenly, Eben flies into the air and is impaled on a branch in a nearby tree. The Circle, sans Cassie, is behind him. Jake asks who did that and Adam says that they all did. He's all, "You're welcome." I don't think Jake seemed particularly ungrateful at that moment, so Adam needs to cool his freaking jets. The Circle unlocks the iron that kept Jake's power in check. Jake looks up and Eben is gone, which naturally surprises Jake. Adam says that he doesn't KNOW how that happened, but they need to find Cassie right now. Fine, yes, Cassie needs to be found, but it's not exactly INSIGNIFICANT that the freaking witch hunter that you just impaled on a tree 30 feet or so in the air has vanished. That's a big deal.

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Secret Circle




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