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I Learned It By Witching You

Cassie is still killing her father and he tells her to fight the spell. The Circle shows up and tries to help Cassie stop. But, they need her help. Everyone has great advice about how to accomplish this. She needs to forget about what her body is doing and just think of the spell. Anyone wonder how they became experts? I wonder. Anyway, so she forgets her body and they're able to make her drop the branch and the fire stops. She runs to John but thinks better before hugging him or anything.

At 7 Briar Hill, Faye asks if John is really really evil. Diana says that he's not acting evil. Adam, always suspect of any other male in the area, says that he hopes they did the right thing by saving him. He says that he never saw his father so scared as when he saw John that evening.

Cassie is at her house with her dad. She asks him how he lost his powers and he says that it happened when the elders took away the powers of the rest of his Circle. He wishes it had happened earlier as black magic has taken everything important to him (Cassie, Amelia... that's it). He says that no one will ever believe that he has changed, but he's not the same man that he used to be. Cassie tells him that she destroyed the medallion, so he can leave. He says that he's staying because she can't protect herself now. She wonders how Eben was able to spell her if he's not a witch. John says that Eben's no witch, but he's staying in town until he figures out what's up.

Lee is in Faye's room when she gets home. He climbed in the window. He says that he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. To prove himself, he takes the totem he gave her and breaks it. There's a tiny sound effect when that happens, but no one says anything. Then, they start kissing. Faye, you my friend, are having the BEST 2012. Suddenly, the catatonic girl opens her eyes and seems frightened.

Jake is at his house and gets a visit from John who points out that Jake set him up that evening. He says that he was just protecting Cassie. John thanks him for saving Cassie's life. He says that they should work together to keep her safe, because tonight was only the beginning.

Cassie finds Adam at the Boathouse. He's sitting alone in a booth. She sits beside him and he holds her.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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