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Cassie is still working at that coffee shop where there's table service. She bumps into Adam and almost drops her tray because the writers are highly invested in us knowing that Cassie is NOT a good waitress. Adam is still being cool towards her and has forgotten that he taught Cassie how to hold a tray. It feels like a different lifetime -- when they used to love her. Faye and Melissa are watching and Melissa feels really bad for them. Naturally, Faye doesn't give a rat's ass. She's just glad that he won't have to watch Adam fawning over Cassie. Adam asks all of them if they'll help serve at the Boathouse the following evening for the hockey team's awards banquet. Cassie says she is "waitressed out" and excuses herself. Adam says that his dad has been acting weird ever since John Blackwell came back to town. Well, sure. He also adds that he lost a girlfriend, Jake almost died and the witch hunters are hot on their trail -- all since the return of John Blackwell. Well, when you put it like that... Melissa agrees to help. Reluctantly and with a bit of extortion, Faye agrees to help too.

In the dark, some blonde guy is running from people. He makes it to a road with traffic and starts running towards light. Then Eben is there and tells them to stop chasing him. He says that they'll let him go and work faster. Hmm.

The next day, Cassie is working behind the counter at the coffee shop when John shows up. Seriously, this man is dressed like a million bucks. She asks if he's checking up on her. He kind of is, I guess. He asks her if she's told Adam that the elixir didn't work for her and she says that he would just feel bad. She's keeping it to herself. He asks her if she feels like talking, but she's not into it. Then, he asks if maybe she'd like to go mini-golfing some time. She's as perplexed as us, the viewers. There's a course near the house that he's renting with dirty witch dollars and maybe... She gets it -- he's trying to think of father/daughter things for them to do. She agrees to try it some time.

At the Boathouse, Diana is directing the set-up of the hockey banquet. Why? Because she has started an event planning firm while still in high school? Because, seriously does Diana not have some sort of managerial function at every single party thrown in Chance Harbor? Faye is bitching about working. Adam brings a flute of ginger ale to Diana. It's from that hottie Grant, who is sitting at the bar. Adam is jealous, because I guess he has forgotten that he stopped being into Diana. Grant asks Diana if she wants to spend the day with him and she tells Adam that she doesn't want to help with the banquet anymore, because she's got a date. He questions whether it's smart for her to date a stranger, but she goes for it anyway. Faye grumbles that Diana gets to leave, but Adam promises her that she'll get more chicken wings now. I'd be down for that.

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Secret Circle




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