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Diana decides that she's going to take Grant up on his offer to see his yacht. At the pier, she bumps into him and another guy. He introduces himself as the Captain of the boat and he's stunned when Diana refers to it as Grant's boat. Oh, I get it. He admits that he's only a crew member on the boat. Diana calls him a liar and walks away.

John walks Samuel through the woods. He's not taking him to the Circle, since it's too dangerous for them. Cassie finds Diana in the coffee shop and she's in a SOUR mood. She wants her life to not always be about what Cassie needs. They get to 7 Briar Hill and it becomes clear to Cassie that John plans on taking care of the demon stuff himself.

John finds the place where he summoned the demons before. He makes a circle around Samuel and it keeps him inside, because there's already a demon inside of Samuel. He has already been sacrificed -- and Eben's going to kill him. He throws him against some old building, just as the Circle arrives. Eben starts to cut his own hand and chant at the same time. Jake tries to help Samuel and it frees him from the circle that John made. They try to stop the demon, but it's too strong. Cassie steps out front and sets Samuel on fire, but it doesn't stop him and he grabs her by the throat, alarming the Circle. In fact, it's the first time I think Faye has ever looked like she cares about Cassie. John steps out and reveals that he still has power by making Samuel explode. Eben, meanwhile, has a bunch of demons in his hand. I guess he just summoned them? I don't really know. He seems freaked out though, and runs away from them. Later, they decide that they need family crystals in order to fight the demons. Cassie says that she has one. Now, the others just have to find theirs. Good luck!

Grant is waiting for Diana when she gets home. He wants to explain. He wanted to impress her. He asks her for one day to show her that he's for real. And she gives it to him. Adam drives Cassie home. He says that he was wrong about John and apologizes for being hard on him. He wants to stay focused on their enemies, which makes Cassie feel bad. Because, she's focused on their LOVE. He says that he thought Cassie was amazing fighting the witch hunters. Meanwhile, John is digging in the field where they just were. He uncovers a grave. Maybe he was lying when he said he sacrificed no mortals?

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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Secret Circle




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