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Hot Potato Demon
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It's our usual beginning, with Melissa and Nick waking together. Nick has to shake Melissa and she says that she has a really bad headache. Yeah, a demon headache. Nick tries to kiss her and she seriously like pushes him across the room. That is a really lame demon- - if I'd been trapped in ole' catatonic Heather Barnes's body for 16 years, I'd be super ready to get it on with Nick. PRIORITIES, Demon. You can take over the world in a few minutes. Melissa apologizes and says that she doesn't feel well. She lies back down and you can see the demon slithering (hence the title of this episode) under her back skin.

Cassie's making her breakfast as Grandma is arranging flowers. She says that she can't believe that Cassie had to witness Heather's accident. She mentions that she knew Cassie's mother and had been housebound for years. Oh yeah? She asks Cassie what she had been doing and Cassie says she was hanging out with the girls. Grandma says she's happy that Cassie has made friends with them and that it makes sense because their parents were all good friends. She says that her mother and her friends went through a lot of tragedy together. She says that she'd like to have dinner with Cassie that evening and tells her that she can tell her anything. Cassie's mute.

At school, Melissa is all jittery in the hall. Girl is WORKING that demon. She bumps into Dawn and is like, "WATCH IT!" and then backtracks when she realizes she just screamed at the Principal. Awesome. Dawn tells her to watch where she's going and Melissa twitches down the hall. Cassie tells Diana that she wants to tell her grandmother about the Circle stuff but Diana says they'll get their powers stripped by the Elders (their parents). Cassie says she doesn't like lying to her grandmother. Diana is afraid that exposing themselves means they will never find out about what happened on the boat.

Charlie is waiting for Dawn in her office. She says that they're not equipped to help their children yet. Charlie says it's a blood moon tonight. Hmm. Dawn says they should start talking by phone again. Outside the office, Phoebe tells Diana that her dad is there and she's probably getting expelled. Heh. Diana tells her that, in fact, their parents are dating. That's what I like about Diana. It almost feels like she knows everything there is to know already and is like super evil or something. Faye is not happy with this news. Here comes Melissa. She opens her locker and is freaked out by the bell ringing. She can't concentrate and then she gets a demon jolt or something and starts writhing on the ground. Nick sees her and asks her if she's OK. Then, she gets all normal and acts like nothing happened. She tells him that she found her family's Book of Shadows. Well, she found her mom's diary talking about burying the book in the forest. They decide it will be a secret between them. A Secret Line.

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Secret Circle




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