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Hot Potato Demon

Later, Nick has been digging for hours. He wants to stop but Melissa tells him to keep on. Finally, he reaches a suitcase/trunk thing. Meanwhile, Cassie is eating with Grandma. She tells Cassie that she's a lot like her mother. She says that Amelia kept things from her because she thought she wouldn't understand. She says that she'll never forgive herself for not reaching out to her. She pleads with Cassie to not make the same mistake. Cassie gets a text to come to the abandoned house immediately. She leaves, without even asking for permission. Kids these days.

At the house, Melissa is really rude to Nick when he wants to open the suitcase. Faye gets there and is annoyed. Melissa says that she found her family's Book of Shadows, which annoys Nick and I guess creates a Secret Triangle. Then, she tells Faye that the book is just for the two of them. Faye wonders if she'll hold it over her head like Diana does and she gets real sexy close and says that Faye is her best friend and she'd do anything for her.

Dawn and Charlie are on his boat. She wants to know if he wants the crystals as much as she does. She tells him to not lose focus. Meanwhile, another dinner. This time it's Diana and Adam. She's a horrible cook. She misses when they were the only two witches that they knew. I guess she told the others about their powers. She wishes sometimes that it was still just the two of them. Dessert is ice cream and whipped cream. She squirts some on his neck and licks it off. That's what I'm talking about Secret Circle! Then, it turns into kind of a food fight, which is fun.

Back at the house, Cassie arrives. Faye is annoyed and Melissa says that she thinks all of the Circle has to be there to open the suitcase. Faye wants to do it and Melissa screams, with an extra deep voice, that everyone needs to stay away from the damn suitcase. She crazy. She's so good right now. They're aware that this is weird stuff now, they even see the demon slither along her forehead. Meanwhile, Diana and Adam are getting it on. Symbolically, Cassie's text calling for help is what stops them. Cassie tells Melissa that she thinks it's a demon. Adam and Diana arrive and, when they turn around, Nick knocks Melissa out. They tie her up and deduce that she's got a demon inside of her. Then, she comes to and starts writhing around. She asks what happened. She asks to be untied and Nick starts to, but Cassie stops them. She screams that Nick is a worthless loser and it's seriously scary. They don't know what to do. Cassie does.

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Secret Circle




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