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Charlie and Dawn have lit a bunch of candles and hold hands around a crystal. They start a spell that calls for the whereabouts of other crystals. Lights start shimmering around the candles for a moment, but it doesn't work. Dawn says that they waited too long. The crystal is used up. She says that she was an idiot to think that Charlie could help her and she stomps off.

Cassie rushes home and tells her grandmother that she knows she's a witch and she needs her help. Meanwhile, Melissa gets loose and throws Nick against a wall and holds scissors against his throat. She starts to cut him and Diana, Nick and Faye try to perform a spell that heats up the scissors, but she throws him on the floor instead. She makes the others perform a spell around the suitcase. It starts to open when Cassie and Grandma arrive. Grandma performs a quick little thing that closes the suitcase. Then, she throws the shears out of Melissa's hand. Melissa says the old woman is no match for her, but Grandma shows her that she has a crystal. Melissa shrinks away from the crystal and is seriously giving a kind of virtuoso performance here. Grandma knocks Melissa out then orders the kids to get all ready for some sort of spell.

Dawn is having a drink at The Boathouse while the others are performing some sort of exorcism at the house. Suddenly, Grandma stops. Melissa is no longer possessed, but someone else in the room is. Grandma holds the crystal up to each of them. It's Nick. He runs off. There are demons in that suitcase. What a bitch! They have to either drown or burn demons, so Grandma grabs some lighter fluid. They put the suitcase in a bathtub and let her rip.

Nick runs through the forest and is tripped up by the writhing demon thing. He is also very compelling in demon form. I don't know what this says for the show, but more please. Grandma says they need to find Nick. She says that demons want to find human form and witches are the most powerful humans. Nick calls Adam and says that he has to bring him the suitcase or he'll burn down The Boathouse, where his dad currently is. So is Dawn. Nick sits beside her and calls her Dawn. She tells him that it's Miss Chamberlain. He tells her that he's not Nick, he's the demon that SHE SUMMONED. Holy crap. This is one shady lady. He says that he wants the Circle. The demon wants to inhabit her body. She tells him to come outside with her and secretly calls Charlie and lets him know where she is. He takes off after her.

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Secret Circle




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