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Fooled By The Rocks That They Got
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We begin at Jane's post-funeral party. Thank Balcoin, I was afraid that was a fake out. I'm sure she's a lovely woman, but that actress... I'm sorry. She drained the energy and logic out of every moment she spent on my TV screen. Except for that moment when she was dying -- that was exciting and made lots of sense. Cassie is wandering around in a daze, but she looks amazing. Diana is there and Cassie approaches her. Things are awkward but Diana is sympathetic to Cassie's situation. Diana isn't telling anyone that she might be John's daughter and Cassie tells her that she would actually be really happy to find out that they are sisters. Jake comes in and tells Faye that they can't let the witch hunters get away with killing Jane. A bunch of blue hairs in the room (all of whom are like 30 years older than the actress who played Jane) stare at an emotional Jake. Faye tells him to dial it down. She suggest that they take something to remove the "edge."

In another room, Dawn suggests to John that they could get the big bad witch hunters if she had her powers back (can she give those to him?), but he says that she's just thinking about herself. Cassie is hiding in her room when Adam pays her a visit. He tells her that Jane was amazing. Meh. Cassie says that she doesn't have anyone now and that was her last connection to her mother. No one knows her. Adam reminds her that he knows her now. She's crying and weak, I guess, and leans in and starts kissing him. John knocks on the door and she starts apologizing to Adam. He says that he "gets" it. John opens the door and she has moved away from the bed at this point, but there's still some tension in the room. Adam takes off and John asks Cassie how she's doing. She's pissed that he apparently slept with half of Chance Harbor and he tells her that he's broken up with Amelia and his thing with Elizabeth (Diana's mom) was a one-time thing. Stop slut-shaming your dad, Cassie. He tells her that they have to stay focused because the witch hunters are closer than ever. You know, he could have just thrown the witch-killing jar away. He didn't have to change it to make it Jane's. That's bad news. She gets the dark magic score and she says that she wants to destroy the witch hunters. She says that they have to find the last two crystals.

Faye tells Jake that she thinks that her mother has some drugs that they can take, because she's been really chipper lately and that can't be the result of anything but narcotics. They knock over her purse with magic and Jake is going to grab the pill bottle that is luckily and obviously right at the top of her stuff when Dawn turns around. Faye hugs her mother and acts like she's really grieving in order to distract her. It works!

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Secret Circle




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