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Fooled By The Rocks That They Got

Diana goes home and asks Charlie why he wasn't at the funeral. Guys, Charlie has killed three people. He's a maniac. He says that he had work stuff. She asks what the nature of her mom's relationship with John Blackwell was and he reacts poorly. She clarifies by asking if John is maybe he did. This does not help. Gale Harold really drops the ball here. It's like he's trying really hard to look upset in some really unique way, but it just comes off as contrived and UNSOLD. Ain't nobody buying. He stammers a bit but wants to emphasize that he's Diana's father because he raised her- which is kind of an inadvertent admission that, yes, it is possible that Blackwell her daddy. He tells her to not talk to him, that he's manipulative and will make her do bad things. She tearfully agrees.

At 7 Briar Hill, Cassie apologizes to Adam for attacking him. He tells her that she doesn't need to apologize. John gets Cassie, Melissa and Adam in a circle. They put their crystals on a map and John tells them a spell which makes the crystals light up and point to where the missing crystals are. One happens to currently be at Jake's house... which is where Jake and Faye are currently making out. Clothes are coming off, thankfully, and they agree that this is a one-time only thing. Man, they are attractive. I'd never agree to that with either one of them. Faye grabs the pill bottle in order to partake in "mommy's little helpers" and finds that the bottle actually contains her family's crystal! Nice work, Dawn. Just carry that thing around all of the time. You should leave your diary hanging out too. Wait.

At Briar Hill, Faye and Jake show up with the crystal. They know that it's a dead one because Faye admits to... trying it out. Cassie says that now they only need to find "Adam's FAMILY crystal." Seriously, that was her emphasis. As if we'd been effing around with other kinds of crystals. Adam's didn't appear on the map and John says that his grandfather must have cloaked the crystal before he died. John suggests that he look around for clues about what his grandfather's cloaking spell might have been. He also says that they can recharge Faye's crystal, but they'll need the entire Circle for that. They agree to meet later.

Diana is looking through a photo album when Cassie shows up. She tells Cassie that she told her dad about Blackwell and he had no idea that he was her father. I'm not sure that's the information that I got from that conversation. Cassie tells Diana that they need to get together later to recharge Faye's crystal and she's incredulous. Should they be doing everything that John tells them to do? Cassie gets it but reminds her that the witch hunters are closer than ever and they killed her grandmother LAST NIGHT. Really? What is so urgent that they needed to make this happen the very next day? Who made the food for the wake that quickly? All of the phone calls that they would have had to made? And, there's the civil arrangements -- calling the authorities and whatnot. Does the cause of death on her death certificate read "witch hunter stuff"? The people who write this show obviously never partook in funeral arrangements. Well, good for them. Here's hoping their clueless asses remain tragedy-free.

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Secret Circle




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