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Fooled By The Rocks That They Got

In the woods, the rest of the Circlers are waiting for Isaac. This dude Ian shows up instead. At the coffee place, Charlie meets John. He's pissed that Diana knows that John is her father. John says that he didn't plan on telling her -- she figured it out herself. Then, Charlie punches John all over the place. Eventually, John grabs him by the neck and Charlie's like, everybody can see you. Yeah, everybody can see him defend himself after you attacked him. Anyway, Charlie says that he's going to take Diana far away from Chance Harbor and he'll never see her again. Meanwhile, Dawn notices that the crystal is gone.

Ian says that Isaac is dead -- Eben killed him. Suddenly, Diana remembers him from Halloween. He was one of the guys who kidnapped them. Cassie accuses him of killing her grandmother, but he says that he doesn't know what she's talking about. She calls him a murderer and he reminds her that she lit Ryan up like a torch. Then, she does her dark magic choking thing. Jake tries to stop her but she pushes him down. Then, Diana's all, "STOP" and it works. Cassie stomps off and Diana tells her that her dark magic almost kept them from finding out what really happened with her grandmother. Apparently, Isaac didn't kill the witch traitor as Eben had instructed him to do, so he got killed himself. Ian walks away, which makes Cassie really angry. Jake says that they got what they needed -- they know that the traitor wasn't stealing the crystal for the witch hunters (because they're trying to kill him/her too). Diana suggests that, if Isaac did it, maybe they can convince more witch hunters to turn away from Eben. Cassie wants blood though.

Back at Briar Hill, they discuss how to get the crystal back. Diana says that she would never use dark magic, even if she had it. "We're very different people," she says to Cassie, which is so super shitty. Fuck her. They search on the map with the other crystals and find that it's near Hudson Fields, which Faye says is the creepiest place in the world.

Adam remembers that his grandfather would say something make the coin reappear. He takes a piece of paper and a pencil and draws over the cloaked coin, revealing a Latin phrase. He and Melissa say it together and the coin reappears. Also reappearing? A panel on the wall. At Dawn's, she greets John. He explains his beat up face by telling her Charlie found out that Diana is his daughter, which stuns her. He reminds her that the two of them "tried" as well. She makes some vague remark about how he never forgave her and he says that's not true. He asks her to convince Charlie to stay in town. He needs Diana in order to defeat the witch hunters. She says that the elders will never let them have power, but he says that they're getting rid of the elders after the witch hunters are gone. She agrees to talk to Charlie.

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Secret Circle




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