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Fooled By The Rocks That They Got

Adam finds a box in the panel. The crystal is not in the box. Melissa says they need the crystal-locating map. So, Hudson Fields is an abandoned amusement park. It's raining and someone is watching them. They split up to find the crystal: Faye/Jake and Cassie/Diana. Dawn goes to Charlie and -- per usual in this town -- doesn't knock on the door. Just shows up in his kitchen. Charlie says that John is trying to steal Diana. She says that Faye stole her crystal and gave it to John. She says that it's their fault. They brought Cassie to Chance Harbor to get their powers back, but they've just handed all of them to John. The Circle will be bound no matter where they are.

Faye and Jake are flirting, even though everything's super spooky. Suddenly, Faye sees a person. It's Ian. His throat has been slit. They turn on the power and it turns a ride on. Other throat-slitted dark-haired dudes. Jake thinks it was the traitor who did it. They keep on looking. Jake finds a trail of blood and he and Faye follow it. Back at Briar Hill, Melissa and Adam are trying to find the crystal on the map. John shows up. It looks like the crystal is somewhere in the high school. Jake and Faye are in fun house and shit keeps popping out at them. Cassie and Diana are walking in silence when Cassie says that Diana's truce idea isn't going to work now that Ian's dead. Sure, says Diana, not if people keep killing people. She says that Cassie has lost all judgment between right and wrong since John has been in town. She says that she's letting her dark magic take control. She reminds Diana that her dark magic saved Diana's life, so she can reserve the judgment. Fine, but killing people is wrong and Diana vows to keep telling her that. They see a hoodie-wearing dude who is struggling. They chase after him. Jake gets a feeling and looks somewhere. He finds a Sway, which is what's used to transfer power from witches to humans. Then, he finds a notebook with a picture of his own parents. Weird. Right? I have NO IDEA what this could mean. Cassie and Faye chase after the dude. He's running and Cassie uses her magic to control this spear that is part of this suit of armor. Diana asks her to not kill him, but the spear keeps aiming at the dude's back. At the last moment, the spear chases direction and knocks the guy down without piercing him. They run up and grab the crystal, which fell out of the guy's pocket. Then, they get a look at his face. IT'S NICK. Nick!!! Nick and Jake might be onscreen at the same time. That's the promise made in this moment! What will happen? Anyway, Nick runs off. And they just stand there.

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Secret Circle




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