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Requiem for a Circle
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Faye wakes up next to Jake and quickly starts dressing herself. Jake wakes and they basically fight over who wanted to fuck who more. Kids, you're both hot. We all wanted it for you. She's about to leave in a huff when they decide that, since they're both still nearly naked, why not just have sex again instead? I love the way they think. Faye wears really cute underwear. Jake also wears underwear. Boo.

At school, which Cassie apparently attends, she tells Diana that while playing a wind machine in the basement, she sensed the presence of her father. He was trying to find her through the medallion. He should just try going back to his hometown. SHE'S THERE. Cassie sees Diana staring at some fellow students kissing amidst a bunch of Valentine's Day decorations and wonders if she's thinking about Adam. She's not. In fact, she wants this V-Day to not be about her needing a guy for happiness. Oh Diana, you're a drastic haircut and a few years of heavy Ani DiFranco-listening before you're really going to learn that lesson. Down the hall, Faye is disgusted by some necking students celebrating what she calls "Anti-Independence Day." Melissa senses an extra sparkle in her bitchiness and asks what's up. She tells her that she got with Jake. She won. She says they're not together, but Melissa is suspicious of the whole thing. Faye makes really bad choices. This was not one of them. Faye proposes a no-boys-allowed slumber party to celebrate V-Day. Melissa is into it and invites Diana and Cassie to attend when they walk up. Faye says no boy talk and, specifically, no Adam talk. They agree.

Cassie remembers that she left something somewhere and is going to her car to retrieve it when she walks past Adam. Their sexual tension is amped up in this scene and it's kind of nice because it feels like Cassie is in charge of it. He asks her if she'd like to go to dinner and she explains that she can't because she's going to Faye's. She mentions that it's an anti-Valentine's Day party and he acts like he doesn't know what day it is and says, "That's so random." They agree to go on a for real date on another night. As she walks away, Adam shames himself for saying the random thing. So much face acting in this scene.

Cassie goes to her car and we see this dude, who is completely shrouded for whatever reason, standing with a really aggressive posture near her. Scary. But she doesn't see it. And then... he's gone!

Faye is at her house getting ready for the slumber party when Lee shows up at her door. He says that he's left a bunch of messages for him, but she reminds him that he didn't get her own power back for her. He argues that he did, but she and her Circle didn't like the way he did it. Touché. He has brought her something different. It looks like a cross between a dreamcatcher and a thing you'd use in lacrosse. A racket? Don't care. He tells her that it's a power totem that draws away weakness to intensify her strength. He invites her to dinner and she turns him down. He leaves the doll and says it and he are going to change her life. We can all agree that something's up with the doll, right?

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