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Sexy Brother Therapy
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Cassie is asleep in her bed. She wakes to the sound of something explosive. She looks out her window to where she used to see Nick standing around, yes, shirtless. But, he's not there. Instead, on the ground, there's another hot blonde dude. And, there's a fire in front of him, on the lawn. He turns around and sees Cassie staring at him, so she hides. The next time she looks out, blonde guy is gone and the fire is out.

The next morning, Jane tells Cassie that she's baking some things for Nick's wake, which will be the next day. That's the difference between the Pacific Northwest and the South. We believe in casseroles for funereal events, and, frankly, I find them more comforting than cookies. There's not enough community in a cookie. She tells Jane, quite casually, that there was a guy in Nick's backyard last night. Jane, also casually, tells Cassie that it must have been Nick's brother, Jake. He left town a few years ago and was "troubled." You know, it might behoove these folks to start taking EVERYTHING a little more seriously. I mean, just last night, a demon made Melissa the most interesting person in the Circle. Anything could happen! Cassie says that they bound the Circle without any clue as to what they were doing. And, now, look what has happened. She thinks maybe it's a good thing that it is broken. Um, not so fast, says Jane. The Circle is still bound. It binds all of them to each others' bloodlines. That sounds like it makes sense, but I've got questions. Jane says that Circles were designed to last, like good tires? They are also designed to protect witches and non-witches, like good tires? Cassie says that she can't deal with this right now. Jane tells her that she has to learn to stay safe and she's stronger than she thinks. I'm not sure she's right about that. Cassie needs to pop out with some discernable personality traits other than incredulity real quick. She's a bore. She tells Cassie that her lineage goes back to the beginning of witchcraft and is therefore the strongest. It's her responsibility to lead and protect.

Diana is in her room looking at pictures. Charlie comes in and tells her that he's going to the office for a few hours. Hmm, I wonder what happens at this office. He asks about the pictures and she tells him that people are bringing photos of Nick to the wake. She didn't think that she had any, but found one of them fishing together when they were little. Charlie looks pained and remembers that Nick used to come look at the boats and he would take them both out for a spin. Diana remembers Nick being scared and holding onto Charlie. "Is that all he gets?" she asks about Nick's life. He says that he wishes he had answers for her. I bet.

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Secret Circle




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