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Ethan greets Cassie at The Boathouse, where she drops off some of Jane's baking. Diana is there and organizing, because Nick's aunt left town to stay with family. Cassie says that Jake is in town and Adam reacts badly. He says that he doesn't care about anyone but himself. He tells the story of Ethan giving Jake a job and Jake subsequently ripping him off. Adam hasn't forgiven him. Cassie tells Diana that Jake completes the Circle.

Faye is talking with a sad-looking Melissa in a booth. She tells her that a girl from school read a tragic poem she'd written about Nick. She thought it was hilarious. Melissa isn't really paying attention. Then, Faye sees Jake walking by. She hides her face when he walks in. Adam isn't happy to see him. Jake thanks him and his dad for having the wake there and says that they don't need to get bogged down in "ancient history." Can teens have ancient history, excepting bloodlines and all that jazz? Jake sees Cassie and says, "Hey Neighbor." Holy shit, he's hot. She reflects that knowledge and is like, hey. He leaves and Adam seems a little jealous about Cassie's reaction. Faye is thankful that Jake didn't see her because she's been planning the outfit that she would wear at this moment for the last two years. Melissa reminds her that he treated her like crap. Exactly. She needs to make him regret it. Melissa says that she has to go, but Faye stops her and tells her that she can't spend the rest of her life mourning. That is perfect. I love Faye. Melissa reminds her that Nick has been dead for two days. PERFECT.

Jane pays Dawn a visit. She tells her that Nick's death was not an accident, at which point Dawn grabs a knife. Shit. She says that he was killed by a demon, so Dawn has more to work with than just homicide. Jane says that the kids released the demon from Heather Barnes, and Nick was its next host. Dawn acts stunned to hear that the Circle is bound and asks Jane if she's going to tell the Elders. She says no, because the children need to be able to protect themselves. She asks if she can count on Dawn's help to look over the children and she agrees.

At the clubhouse, Adam says that he won't allow Jake to be a part of the Circle, but Cassie says that it is already so. Melissa says that they can't just replace Nick with Jake. Cassie says that she knows how hard this must be for Melissa. Cassie says that either Jake is in the Circle, or they are vulnerable. Faye wants to know who died and made Cassie queen witch. Touche. They all hear something burning. There's a fire in front of the house. Adam says that they can put it out. So, he starts saying, "No air for fire." The others join in and the "for" really gets lost. I wonder if diction matters in witchcraft. Not this time. They put the fire out. It's in the shape of a crescent. Adam thinks that Jake did it trying to scare them.

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Secret Circle




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