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The next day, Diana is nervous about what happened to Cassie. She and Adam go to Cassie's house and Adam seems jealous to hear that she and Jake did magic together. Jake knows that he's a witch, but didn't say anything because he doesn't plan on staying in Chance Harbor. This guy is really pushing Adam's buttons. Cassie says that Jake saved her life and it only seems to make Adam crazier. The knife that the girl used to hurt Cassie had a crescent moon on it -- she must have set the fire too. Jake says that she might be a witch from another Circle. Adam offers that maybe she followed Jake to town. He says that he's never seen her before. Adam says he's glad Cassie's OK then stomps off to his awesome all-terrain vehicle. Diana follows and tells him that he's acting like a jealous boyfriend, and not hers.

Melissa goes to Nick's house (she has keys) and listens to some music and holds his jacket and cries. It's so sad! At the club house, Cassie tries to convince everyone that they need Jake to stay in town. Adam is of course against it and it annoys Diana. Faye tells Cassie that Jake will sleep with her and leave her in a million twisted little pieces. But, maybe that's what she's into. Love her.

Later, Jane is dressing Cassie's knife scratch. She says that the girl who did it will probably come back. Then, she goes to a shelf and pulls off a clock. In the clock, she is hiding a crystal, which has been passed down in her family. She says it's a lens that magnifies their powers. She says that no one can know that she has the crystal -- not even the Circle.

Later, Jake goes to a motel and sees Simone, the girl who attacked Cassie. They know each other. He pushes her against a wall and asks why she followed him to Chance Harbor and marked his house. Simple -- he's a witch and she doesn't trust witches. She's a True Believer and he says she's itching to kill people. Then, he searches and finds a tissue with blood, Cassie's blood. He says it's too soon for bloodletting and Simone says that he's making a big mistake.

It's the wake and there are gorgeous modeling shots of Nick everywhere. I love the music they're playing right now. Faye is doing drops of Nick's witches brew. She offers some to Melissa but it only annoys her. Adam watches Ethan having a drink. He tells him to take it easy with the sauce, but Ethan is upset that their town is burying more teens. He says something about a wake at the school gym long ago. He adds that Amelia was too distraught over Blackwell's death to go to the funeral. Adam has never heard this name. Ethan doesn't explain. Adam sees Jake with Cassie. He approaches and asks what Jake is trying to pull. Jake says he's probably loaded, like his dad. So, naturally, Adam takes a swing. It doesn't go well for Adam. Cassie tells them to stop and Diana approaches and is pissed.

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Secret Circle




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