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Cassie follows Jake outside. She says that leaving town didn't give her mother peace, but he says peace isn't what he's looking for. She goes inside and we see that Simone has been watching. Inside, Ethan is trashed and in the back room. Diana arrives with some coffee. He says that Adam and Cassie are meant to be together. The stars and all that. He says that bad things happen when you mess with fate.

Faye is acting like she's going to fly off the pier and Melissa stops her. Melissa asks if this about Jake. She says he needs to stay away from him. She reminds her that this nice isn't about her or Jake -- it's about Nick, and she loved him. Faye says that she knows that Melissa loved him and he loved her too. Melissa says that she can tell that Faye is thinking about herself when she says that, which catches her by surprise. Then, they both giggle. Cute moment. Faye says that Melissa knows her well, then they hug.

At the bar, Cassie tells Adam that Diana loves her and he should stop acting out. He says that he loves her too, he just doesn't trust Jake. I mean, the guy did insult his dad. He had a punch coming to him. They agree that they're all in this together. Diana sees them talking. Adam says he doesn't think he's wrong about Jake. Outside, Simone says that it doesn't look like Jake was going to kill Cassie, which was apparently the plan. So, she knocks Jake over and is about to attack him with a knife when Cassie sees and pulls the crystal out of her pocket. It makes the knife fly out of Simone's hand. Jake grabs it, they struggle, dead Simone.

Later, Jake tells Cassie that Simone was a witch trying to scavenge Nick's power. He seems confused about what Cassie did with the knife. She doesn't tell him about the crystal. She "convinces" him to stay in Chance Harbor. Diana goes to Adam as he's cleaning up. She tells him that she won't stand on the sidelines with him and Cassie anymore. Then, she goes to Cassie and tells her that she broke up with Adam because of her. She doesn't even know why she's at Cassie's house. It's sad. Cassie hugs her.

In some dock shack, Jake is brought before a leader looking dude. He admonishes him for killing Simone. She was a "fellow witch hunter." Jake says that he won't let him down. He will avenge the death of his family by ridding Chance Harbor of witches. Not good for the future of this show.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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