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Home Fires
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So, Jake is here! Everything just got like three times hotter, instantly. It's magic! Cassie immediately realizes that he's the one who saved her and Melissa from the fire. I guess the boots look familiar. Adam isn't happy to see him. Jake says that he had to get the witch hunters as far away from her as possible, before he could escape. You see, I thought that was obvious when he was leaving with them. He says that Cassie's dark magic was too strong and Isaac (it was Isaac, the big boss man's name was Isaac. I SWEAR that they never mentioned his name once during the three episodes on which he was featured; but Jake says it like three times in one sentence here) didn't want to get torched like Cassie did to Luke. She's not safe from the council of witch hunters, to which Adam responds with incredulity. Oh, you can believe the shit that pops up on this show from week to week, but a council of witch hunters is far-fetched. Gotcha. Anyway, the council has a ritual for killing witches with dark magic and the last time it was used was 16-years prior, at the boating party, in an effort to kill John Blackwell. It's funny how Jake just sort of parses this information.

Here they are at 7 Briar Hill and it looks like they've all gotten together and used some Circle magic to restore the staircase to its original condition. It's majestic. Cassie's confused -- she thought that the fire happened because the Circle was bound and their magic was out of control. Jake says that one of the guys in the council, Eben, was there the day of the fire. He wouldn't tell him about the ritual, but Jake feels like that's the only way they can protect Cassie. Adam tells Jake to stay away from Cassie and he says that she knows where to find him.

Adam drives Cassie home. Cassie says that, if Jake is telling the truth, she has to find out what happened to her father. Adam can't believe that she trusts Jake but she says that she does. Adam thinks he's just interested in her magic and Cassie doesn't really argue with him, though she obviously doesn't believe that. Then, suddenly, Diana is at the window of Cassie's car door and no one screams. It's just, hey, there's Diana. I would have shit. They're at her house, so I guess it's not crazy that she would be there, but still. She says that she was trying to reach them and is worried, but not about them being together. Cassie says that she'll fill Diana in and things seem a touch tense between her and Adam.

The next day, Charlie is walking down the street when he sees Dawn and Diana together in a cafe. Dawn gives him a big smile and a wave and he enters the cafe. Diana says that she's leaving and Charlie sits down. He tells Dawn to stay away from Diana. He's still mad that she tried to kill his mother. Bygones, Charlie. Dawn says things just got a little crazy, but they've got two crystals and the Circle is bound. They're on their way to getting their power back. Can you imagine? Dawn with actual powers? Bad news. Charlie corrects her -- she has a dead crystal and he has "an alive" one. And, she's never going to get her hands on the live one. She asks why he's doing this to her (she's good) and he says that she's up to something and he's going to find out what it is.

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Secret Circle




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