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Faye is at Lee's place and the moody, red lighting is in full effect. I wonder how that affects your vision after prolonged exposure. Faye says that, after Lee tried to siphon power from the Circle, she's not sure why she's there. That was on purpose? I just thought he did the spell wrong or something. Lee says that she's there because her "Circle skanks" don't want her back. True dat. Then, this guy, Jessica Lange's hot young piece in American Horror Story, walks in and is all dangerous swagger. His name is Callum and he says that Lee hasn't been returning his calls. He orders Faye to grab some beers from the house while he and Lee partake in some "shop talk," but she tells him to get them himself. He leers at her and says that he can't wait to get to know her better. Ew.

Jake is at his house, looking hot. He asks his opened window if Adam gave permission for someone to be there. It's Cassie! She's in the house! Behind him! She asks if he came back to kill her and he says she wouldn't be there alone if she thought that. She counters that she's been getting good at the dark magic stuff and he says that, if he'd wanted her to die, he'd have left her at the burning school. OK, so we need to work on the logic of Cassie's dark magic invincibility. You can try to kill her, but you can accidentally start a fire and that would take care of her? Cassie asks how they're going to find out what happened to her father, since they can't ask their parents nor the witch hunters. Jake says that he was there! He was a baby. He says that he had been hiding in his parents' car. Jake says that Cassie can connect with his memory to see what happened. FIRST AWESOME SPELL OF THE SERIES.

Jake says that he followed his parents onto the boat, but that's the last thing he can remember. Suddenly, Adam shows up and he's not happy to see Jake there. Jake says that he has been working on a spell to find out what really happened. He thinks that Cassie will be able to perform the spell and suddenly Cassie is all on board too. She says that she did the same thing with Faye at Henry's place. I guess that's true. Jake says the only risk is if the mind disconnects what's real, though there's less a danger of that with them all together. What? Adam even says that he doesn't understand that. Cassie says that she can't just wait around for the witch hunters to come after her with their witch-killing plan.

Callum is making a phone call and he sounds like a drug dealer. Lee tells Faye that he used to work with him and Callum says that it has been less than a year since they were partners. Callum asks how Eva is -- old girlfriend of Lee's. He says that they lost touch. Then, Callum asks if Lee has what he needs and he tells him that he doesn't deal anymore. This confirms for Faye that he's a drug dealer, but Callum says that he doesn't deal just any drug. He deals Purudenga, the devil's spirit. Shades of True Blood, don't you think? We're missing something here. Callum has some sort of power over him, because he forces him to go find the drug and leave Faye there. He seems really nervous. Callum has a little knife, but I don't think that could be the thing that convinces him. Faye says that she'll be fine. I don't understand what the obstacle is that keeps them from just kicking Callum the eff out of there. But, Lee goes to get the "stuff."

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Secret Circle




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