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Home Fires

At the Boathouse, Adam and Diana meet and he tells her about the spell that Cassie is going to do. Diana seems jazzed by the idea, even though Adam is still all grouchy-puss about the whole thing. Meanwhile, Jake and Cassie are at the dock. Apparently, Chance Harbor does not have any clean-up crew, cause this shit looks exactly as devastated as it must have been 16 years prior. In fact, you probably don't even need much of a spell to find some evidence of what happened. Jake says that he doesn't remember what he saw the day of the fire. He puts some ash in a jar and says that they will need it for the spell.

That night, back at the Boathouse, Dawn sits at the bar and asks Ethan for a drink. She's in a bad mood and he asks if he can help and she tells him that he's sweet and always has been. She says that she envied how he was always there for Amelia when they were dating. Things got confusing for all of them. She tells him that Charlie choked her and Ethan says that he did the same thing to her. He tells her to press charges, but she says that he did it with magic. Well, he would know that because that's how Charlie choked him. What, did he think that he had a magic faucet in his head that he turned on from behind him? Ethan says that he'll take care of Charlie. They've never liked each other. She tells him that Charlie has a crystal and they will decide what the best thing to do with it is, once Ethan has it. That bitch.

Cassie's looking at a baby pic of Jake, Nick and their parents. He says that's the only picture he has of them. Even though their house is perfectly preserved? I don't understand, did they take all of the photo albums to the boat? No excuse, dead parents. Jake starts to put the spell together. He and Cassie hold hands and start chanting. They close their eyes and when they open them, they're on the boat! See, this is cool.

At the Boathouse, Diana says that Melissa is in Seattle with her dad (they love to just get rid of her whenever they want, don't they? STOP IT -- she's the best one) and Faye's phone is turned off. Diana says that she feels like the Circle is falling apart, but Adam offers that maybe finding out what happened the night of the fire will bring them back together.

Ethan gives Charlie a call. He says that he knows that he has a crystal and that he killed Henry Chamberlin. Charlie accuses him of being drunk, but he says that he's sober as a church mouse. He says that he's going to tell the elders and it's not as if Charlie can kill all of them.

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Secret Circle




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