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Back on the boat, which appears to have already been burnt (seriously, I don't understand that -- why doesn't it sink?), Jake and Cassie discover that they can't be seen by the people from Jake's memory. Then, they see Jake's parents and he reacts sort of heartbreakingly. He wants his mommy. Cassie says that they should follow them, but when they do Jake's head starts to hurt really badly. He pulls himself together and they follow as we hear Jake's father say that the witch hunters agreed to leave them alone if they agreed to stop practicing, which he thinks is the right thing to do. Mom says that John said they can't be trusted, which makes Dad mad. Seriously though, Dad, you're a witch and you are going to trust people who go by the name witch hunters. That's like me trusting the Me Killers to tell me the correct dosage of medication. Cassie wants to follow them, but Jake says that everything else is blocked, something horrible is about to happen and they have to stay together. Cassie goes anyway and Jake screams for her then wakes out of the spell trance. Cassie is still in it.

So, it's a total shit show. Dad says that they should just make this truce, though Mom is worried that the Circle is falling apart. She says that John is there (Amelia isn't -- apparently, John had betrayed her) and doesn't think they should go through with the truce, but he convinces her otherwise. Just then, a stranger walks in a slits Dad's throat and takes Mom past a place where there are other slitted-throat people on the floor. She huddles with some lady named Lucy as baby Jake looks on. Adam and Diana walk in and find Cassie in a trance.

Callum tells Faye that Devil's Dust frees your mind and helps you tap into your inner strength, which, of course, perks Faye's ears. Lee arrives and gives Callum the stuff. Then, they kind of fight for a minute and it's kind of hot. Bad Boys Grappling will be my new Tumblr.

The bad guys have a guy tied to a pole and he has a hood over his head. It's John Blackwell and maybe they haven't cast the role yet. Seriously, why can't we see the guy? The head guy says that they have dark root colocasia, which is what they need to kill him. The guy says a spell, then lights a match and sets fire to the ring of herb around John. Cassie screams and a woman says to her that she's not supposed to be there. She can see her. Instead of following the woman, she walks into the room with burning John. Someone closes a door behind her and she starts to choke from the witch-killing stuff.

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Secret Circle




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