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All Night Long (All Niiiight!)

Given those rules, it will be no surprise that the next small talk we see is completely uninteresting. So they move on to having naked sex pressed right up against the great big window. I was told English people were repressed!

In the bed, Ash is asleep while Belle reads The Irony Engine (the Jay Lorre book from the end of last episode). She tells us that she never sleeps with clients and sneaks off to the bathroom so she can call Ben. He's playing a video game (he's gotten past the force field and is now on level four) while a woman paces back and forth lifting weights. Belle inquires about a gig, which sounds horrible ("It wasn't a gig. It was an acoustic-electric performance piece"). Luckily, Ben was only watching the piece, not performing it. The weight-lifting lady turns out to be named Vanessa and does something underwear-related, which gets Ben off the phone right quickly.

Belle will not sleep, so she stretches a lot and generally acts bored. Eventually she writes a note saying "Ash - gone for cigarettes. Won't be long." and slips out. That's the second time she's told us at length how her time belongs to the client and then gotten bored and forgotten all about it. She's lucky she's cute. Outside, it is night. I mean, it was night inside the room, too, but it's more obviously night when you're outside. Belle is behind the front desk hanging out with the staff. She believes the woman who just came by is a man.

She proceeds to show off by describing the young man/older woman pair coming down the stairs as not mother-and-son but lover-and-lover, based on the way he's touching her hip. But the bags under the woman's eyes, suggest that she is a mum. It's a little like the scene where Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes show off at each other. Anyone? Don't you people read? Anyway, the important part is that the front desk guy is in charge of their child via a baby-monitoring system that uses the phones.

Belle goes off to the bar and gets a beer, where she's promptly accosted by a man with champagne, who insists that he knows her from television. Then he moves on to asking if she's up for a bit of fun. The kind of fun for which he's willing to pay. Oh, this is highly unprofessional. Double-booking? Even lawyers won't stoop that low. Well, most of them won't. Belle profiles him and decides he's a man who knows what he wants, so he should be fairly efficient. Belle gets Front Desk Fellow to monitor Ash in 504 so she can go off to 914 with the new guy. Scandalous!

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Secret Diary of a Call Girl




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