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Shiny Boots of Leather

With the phone call over, Belle is furious and takes it out on the tax man. Whap! Whap! Wham! Red! Red! Red! She does not stop immediately, which I think is pretty unprofessional of her. He does not want scars, and Belle is shocked at herself. He helps her get the rubber dress off (boy, it's noisy!) and they both apologize to each other. Belle offers to recommend someone else, and now I guess she has to find a place to sell all that stuff. Maybe Sirona wants some nice chandeliers?

Out of her work clothes, Belle stomps down the street and into a bar, where she accosts Ben. "Maybe I am a hypocrite, but at least I'm not a fucking coward!" is not a great way to start a conversation, if you ask me. Ben takes it pretty well, though, just saying "All right". I mean, he also says, "You look mental", but he's clearly right. As they have a more rational conversation, he points out that they're not really "best mates" who tell each other everything, because it's obvious she keeps secrets from him. She admits that's her fault, but claims to be a private person. Ben doesn't think that explains everything. Belle is finally able to get out a "congratulations" before being sent out into the rainy streets.

Outside, she voiceovers that maybe absolute control isn't her thing and then texts her professional URL to Ben. The website doesn't exist, unfortunately.

In the closing credits, the chair gets its own entry. It's called a "Tally Ho Chair", and some Googling reveals that it retails for three thousand pounds. I hope they take returns!

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Secret Diary of a Call Girl




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