Secrets And Lies And An Idol Surprise

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No More Hungry Minnows
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Previously on Mergers and Ack-quisitions: the four members of Yaxha were sent over to merge with the six members of Nakum, and it appeared that we were in for a nice, long stretch of Pagonging. Jamie came close to getting himself sent home to shave after he crowed about the invincibility of the Big Six at the immunity challenge until even his own team was all, "Get off my side!" But while many bad things can be said about Steph this season, she is keeping her alliance on the straight, narrow, boring path to success, and she kept the emotions in check enough for the Big Six to bounce Farmer Beavis just when he was getting interesting. In other news, there was a teeny immunity idol hidden in a tree, and the search was on. We're down to the final nine who will ultimately make up F2 and the jury. Who will be the first to be promised the chance to return at the end of the season to say, "My question is I WANT AN APOLOGY"?

Credits. You know, looking at this collection of people, who would have suspected that, like, Lydia would still be around? Nothing like a warm body nobody even notices anymore.

We are at Camp No-Fun on Night 21, where everyone is returning from tribal council. A crocodile surreptitiously observes the goings-on from the water's edge. He tries to figure out who would make the tastiest snack, given that between the bony, the bitter, and the just plain rank, the pickings are getting slim, and not just literally. As a giant log burns, Jamie peels off his sweatshirt and gripes to Rafe that Bobby Jon was a "bully" for saying that Jamie had "no class." Rafe tries to tell him to chill out rather than "react" to it, and just be happy they all made at least the jury. You can tell Rafe would really rather be anywhere except in this conversation, because Jamie is precisely the sort of vaguely menacing, aggressively stupid guy who makes Rafe really uncomfortable. From off-screen, we hear Judd's voice cautioning Jamie not to bring up the Bobby Jon business again, and Jamie insists that he isn't. Even though he just did. At Judd's irritated admonition that unexpectedly comes to his rescue, Rafe allows himself a small smile that Jamie can't see.

Judd tells Jamie not to "go to bed angry," which I think he's using in rather an unusual context, given that I've always pretty much associated it with going to bed with the person. I mean, I know it's a small shelter and the lines do have a way of blurring, so. Anyway, Jamie says, "I'm not angry -- my feelings are hurt." Yes, his feelings are hurt. I have to say, very little is as distasteful to me as a sniveling bully. "My feelings are hurt," indeed. Bobby Jon explains in another of his night-vision Chivalrous P. Crazybeard interviews that he "called Jamie out at tribal council," and that Jamie got all upset about it because everything Bobby Jon said was true. Yeah, I'm not sure Jamie successfully fooled Bobby Jon with that brilliant maneuver. Bobby Jon repeats the "no class" accusation in the interview, and then we see Jamie ask him about it around the fire. Bobby Jon tries to explain how taunting people during a competition isn't universally believed to be a sign of great sportsmanship. (Or, as Judd would say, a sign of being a great sportsmanship.)

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