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A Vogue Idea

Samantha strolls into the restaurant and asks Alexa if she has any room for a party of three this weekend, for Richard's birthday. Alexa arches an eyebrow, leans in conspiratorially, and says she is "WIDE open." Hee.

Charlotte, in a great red corset top and full blue skirt, dances around Miranda's house, checking for baby readiness. Motormouth in overtime, Char babbles about where the bassinet should be, and wonders if maybe Mir would want the baby to sleep in bed with her, and then where the crib will go once the baby grows out of his bassinet. Mir looks like she wants to give Char a calmative, or maybe stuff her mouth with ginger snaps. Char asks if Mir has thought about baby-proofing, because all the sharp corners around Mir's apartment render it "a death trap!" Mir tells Char to "back off," and Char reminds Mir that once the baby has come, it won't be "just [Miranda]" anymore, and she "won't be able to control everything." Mir says she just "wanted to enjoy fried chicken and be done with it!" Char says she had to "rethink" the fried chicken, and that now they're having greens "with a beautiful puttanesca." And some kind of stork centerpiece that Mir might have said she didn't want. Mir starts to holler that there's already two storks at the shower. Char corrects her; the bird on the invitation is a duck. Mir screams, "The duck is fucked! Keep it up and you'll have a shower without a mother!" Char stomps toward the door, then turns and says that Mir had better show up, since she doesn't want to be hanging out with a bunch of lawyers. Mir snaps, "Be careful of the sharp edges." Char storms out.

Mir sits on Carrie's steps, thanking her for "coming out to talk." Carrie rubs Mir's back. Mir feels bad for yelling at Charlotte about the childproofing and stuff. Miranda is "what needs to be childproofed." Carrie says she'll quit Vogue if Mir quits the baby. Mir tells Carrie about dropping her niece on her head when she was baby-sitting when "bored." Carrie says mock-menacingly, "!" Heh. A couple on their second date walks by, and the women acknowledge and hate their naiveté. Carrie asks if she's messed up about men because her dad left. Mir says her dad came home every night and she still doesn't have a clue. And does Mir have to go to the shower? Yes. Mir struggles up to catch a cab; end of cute scene.

Baby shower. Mir walks in grumpily, then plotzes when she sees the fried chicken. Sam and Carrie arrive next, with a cake fashioned entirely of diapers. Carrie says the gift "isn't Vogue." Oy, enough already.

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