Sex and the City
A Woman's Right To Shoes (a.k.a. No Shoes, No Service)

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Little Non-Darlings and the Bad News Brats

Back at Miranda's, Miranda is lounging in front of the television in an orange caftan. Dr. Leeds drops by. At first, Miranda pretends she's not home because she feels self-conscious about her face, but when Dr. Leeds yells that he can see her feet under the door, she has no choice but to let him in. After some small talk, he asks her what she's watching. "It's just Jules and Mimi," says Miranda nervously. "It's silly." He insists on watching with her anyway since his cable isn't hooked up yet. They sit down, Miranda un-pauses, and they both watch Jules, a black man, and Mimi, a white woman, get it on. They both get slightly uncomfortable watching, and Miranda starts to scratch at her pox.

Meanwhile, Carrie is "tired of waiting for a ring," so she "gives someone else one." Groan. She calls up Tatum and tells her answering machine -- naturally, the outgoing message is left by Tatum's kids -- that she's getting married…to herself. No comment. She adds that she's registered at Manolo Blahnik's, and hangs up. "One giant step for me," says Carrie. "One small step for single-womankind." Actually, I think you got that backwards, Carrie. Just saying. Next we see Tatum with kids in tow at Manolo Blahnik's, buying Carrie the very same shoes she lost at her party. "Could you please watch your children?" asks the salesgirl. "We don't want them touching the shoes." Tatum is all, whatever. Carrie receives her gift in the mail along with a nice note from Tatum wishing Carrie happiness with herself. We close with Carrie bouncing down the street in her new Blahniks, talking about how hard it is to "walk in a single woman's shoes." But apparently the right shoes make the walk "a little more fun."

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Sex and the City




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