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A Woman's Right To Shoes (a.k.a. No Shoes, No Service)

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Little Non-Darlings and the Bad News Brats

Back at Miranda's building, Miranda is getting on the elevator with her groceries. An unseen voice tells her to hold the door. It's her new neighbor Dr. Leeds. "Hey, Yankee," he says to her playfully when he realizes it's Miranda. Miranda welcomes Dr. Leeds to the building, hinting forcefully that he owes her big-time for supporting his application. Dr. Leeds gets quiet and moves his face near hers. "You have a pock," he says, studying her face. Miranda explains that she probably got it from her kid. "I thought you were single," says Dr. Leeds. "I am," says Miranda, letting him know surreptitiously that she's not against pre-marital sexual relations. They go up to her apartment so he can treat her pock with calamine lotion. He also meets and plays with Brady, making the observation that he looks just like Miranda. He means it as a compliment, but I have to point out that Brady is turning into one homely baby. Miranda hands him a cotton ball and some calamine lotion and he goes to work on her face. Miranda melts under his doctoral caress. The mood is interrupted by Magda, who greets Dr. Leeds coldly, takes Brady, and gives Miranda a knowing look. Dr. Leeds finds another pock on Miranda's face and puts lotion on it. He orders her not to scratch. "For Miranda," says Carrie's VO, "Dr. Robert was just what the doctor ordered." Groan.

Carrie drops by Tatum's, much to Tatum's surprise. Like, the doorman didn't announce her? She didn't call first? Tatum isn't at all annoyed that Carrie appears without warning at her doorstep? What is this, Dogpatch? "I was in the neighborhood and I thought you might want these back," says Carrie, handing Tatum back her Keds and shifting her weight from foot to foot in her multicolored sundress accessorized by a Playboy Bunny bowtie. "You didn't have to return these," says Tatum generously. "I had forgotten all about them!" Carrie asks if there is "any news on [her] shoes." Groan. Tatum says no. Carrie asks if Jennifer's sandals turned up. Tatum is confused at the mention of Jennifer, as she has totally forgotten what Jennifer's sandals have to do with anything. Carrie explains that if Jennifer took Carrie's shoes, she might have left her sandals behind. Tatum brightly explains that she hasn't heard from her. "Oh my gosh," says Tatum, suddenly shifting gears. "I feel like such a shit! I should have offered to pay for them." Carrie pretends to protest. Tatum invites her in. When Carrie enters, Tatum gives Carrie's feet an aggressive grin to remind Carrie to remove her shoes.

Tatum gets her checkbook and asks how much the shoes cost. Carrie answers that they cost $485. Tatum is astounded that Carrie's shoes cost that much. "I'll give you $200," says Tatum, astounded that Carrie would spend so much on shoes. Carrie points out that Tatum herself used to wear Blahniks and knows perfectly well now much they cost. Tatum replies that she wore Blahniks back before she "had a real life." Now that she has "real responsibilities" like children and homes, she is over such frivolous behavior. Carrie argues that she too has a "real life." Tatum holds fast to her belief that she shouldn't have to pay for Carrie's "extravagant lifestyle." "It was your choice to buy shoes that were that expensive," says Tatum, holding one of her precious rugrats in her arms. "Yes," says Carrie. "But it wasn't my choice to take them off." "They're just shoes," scoffs Tatum.

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