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A Woman's Right To Shoes (a.k.a. No Shoes, No Service)

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Little Non-Darlings and the Bad News Brats

Later on the phone with Miranda, Carrie explains that Tatum "shoe-shamed her." Miranda, who has totally succumbed to the chicken pox, replies that Tatum is a "fucking bitch." Carrie explains that Tatum wasn't always a bitch, but that ever since she had kids, it's like she had a lobotomy. Miranda is still adamant that Tatum owes her for the shoes. Carrie argues that it's not about the shoes. "It's about a woman's right to shoes!" Hey, what a brilliant pun! That should be the title of this week's episode or something. Hey, wait… The conversation turns to Miranda's chicken pox, how hellish they are and how she wants to scratch them. "If there wasn't a Jules and Mimi marathon on BBC America this weekend, I'd have jumped out the window," whines Miranda. Unless I'm mistaken, Jules and Mimi is a fictive series about an interracial couple that Miranda has been watching while she convalesces. "Speaking of handsome black men," says Carrie, "have you spotted any more of Dr. Robert?" Miranda replies that she's laying low because she doesn't feel attractive. "Is it bad that my life is filled with shoes instead of children?" asks Carrie, bringing it back to her. Miranda assures Carrie that she's in the right and Tatum is "a fucking bitch." Carrie looks into an empty shoebox and VOs about how she is "no longer 'free to be you and me'" now that her life choices aren't being validated. Groan. And also? Since when has Carrie been single by choice? I was under the impression that Carrie would be perfectly happy to be married -- it's the men in her life that don't want to make that commitment.

Speaking of freedom, now that the teabag thing is cleared up, Harry is now annoying Charlotte by walking around naked. One morning, he walks into the kitchen buck naked and makes a grand display of throwing away his tea bag. "Are you going to take a shower?" asks Charlotte. "In a little while," replies Harry, grabbing a piece of fruit, wandering over to the TV, and placing his bare butt on a white upholstered chair, much to Charlotte's horror. Later, as an instrumental version of "Mack the Knife" plays -- groan! -- Harry is still happily naked and working at his laptop. Charlotte is yet again horrified. Later, in a scene laden with Bobbit-style imagery, Charlotte fetches a pair of scissors from a drawer as Harry stands by, still naked and reading the paper. Carrie's voice-over explains that Charlotte wanted Harry to feel comfortable in her apartment, but not that comfortable.

Carrie decides to call Tatum one last time to clear the air. Tatum is clearly over the incident and accuses Carrie of having too much time on her hands. While Tatum puts down the phone in order to put her son's pants back on, Tatum's little girl gets on the phone and asks Carrie if she's "Santa." Then she hangs up on Carrie.

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