Sex and the City
An American Girl In Paris (Part Deux)

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Carrie comes home

Run, Carrie, run. Run in those stilettos. She screams for a taxi, but none stop. She runs in the road like she's the frog in Frogger. She does not get creamed by a log. Then, as she stands helplessly by the side of the road, Big pulls up in a car right behind her. Yeee! It's him! He came to get her! Big is in Paris! He's right there! Carrie, stop licking your lips like you're Cher and LOOK BEHIND YOU!

Mir runs frantically down the streets of Brooklyn, screaming for Maaaa.

Carrie emerges from a cab at the party venue. It's empty. She missed everyone. And on the remnants of the table is her book, which someone used as a coaster for their vin. Fitting.

Mir finally finds Maaaa. She's on the street, her cheeks and hands red and raw from the cold, eating a slice of pizza she found in the trash. My throat gets a lump in it, and my eyes blur with tears. It's really sad. Maaaa, still tough to the core, says, "This pizza tastes like garbage." Well, that's because it is. Mir takes it from her gently and puts it back in the bin. Maaaa says, "I'm still hungry, you know."

Mir runs a bath. I love the rubber ducky thing she has over her faucet. It's very cool. There are so many great new innovations in baby products today. Recently I saw a thing that's like a long tube, so kids can keep the bottle in their laps and suck on it anyway. Very cool. Plus I love those baby bath wrap things, where you can make a baby burrito, with a head of a duck or kitty. The rubber ducky faucet thing covers the taps, so baby can't turn on the water and scald himself. Cute and safe! I love it. Maaaa's in the bath. Mir washes her back. Maaaa is loving it. Magda walks by and sees, then smiles a little sadly.

Carrie returns to the hotel to find Alek making phone calls on the bed. She went to her party. Alone, alone. He asks how it was. "Over. It was over. How could you abandon me like that when I gave up my party to be with you?" One could argue that she abandoned him, too. She's been giving up things for him all along, and just now it's occurred to her that he's a selfish fucker? Talk about hindsight. He says he didn't abandon her. No, but he ignored her when she sat alone on a bench far away. He says he "doesn't want to do this now." He's "tired" and had a "stressful day." She says she's in this relationship, too. "I am a person! In this relationship! Have you any idea what it's been like for me here?" She means being alone all the time, ignored for a "light installation." He says, "That's what I do. That's who I am. You always knew this." Yup. It's true. And she did. But it was different in New York. She had "a life" there. "A job and friends." And she didn't "give all those things up to wander the streets of Paris alone." But you did. He says he's going to take a shower and go to bed, and that they can talk about this later. She grabs him as he walks away and says not later, now. He wheels around with his hand up in a "talk to this" gesture, and accidentally back-hands her across the face. Or, maybe it was just a slap of convenience. Whoa. Damn. Snap. Et cetera.

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