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An American Girl In Paris (Part Une)

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Carrie in Paris, Part the First

Char weeps, "I know what's coming!" Sad Piano, pull up a chair, or push in a stool, whichever you prefer. Tinkle on something. Just go with your slow-tempo-ed self and set that mood to "wistful." Someone smeared Vaseline on the lens, because all of a sudden the girls look hazy. Carrie begins her farewell speech. And can I just say that, if this is the last scene with all four friends, I'm going to be bummed? It's the only part I really enjoy, since I know how hard it is to get together with one special friend, let alone three. The fact that these women so consistently make time for each other is the most unrealistic, and yet the most satisfying, aspect of this whole show. I mean, if I could have lunch with a group of friends every week, I think I'd be a lot happier and more well-rounded. My friends are great. But I'm busy, and they're busy, and it just makes me glad for things like Friendster where you can feel like you're in touch with people even though you only get to hang out once a week or so. Carrie wants to thank her friends for being supportive, in spite of some of their opinions on her move across an ocean. Mir says, straight-faced, "Me? I've never had an opinion in my life." Carrie grins, and they hug. Char begs for them to stop. Sam says, "Easy there, Waterworks," and hugs her. Then Sad Piano kicks it up a notch as Carrie says, "Today I had a thought. What if I had never met you?" Um, is that deep? It isn't the same as saying what someone means to you. I guess this echoes the reality that there isn't much love lost between the women on this show. I mean, if they hadn't sanitized the life out of those E! True Hollywood Stories, they could do a great one on this show, one that's less about red carpet poses and more about hair-pulling cat fights in the Hamptons.

Sad Piano rocks on with its black and white self. Everyone sobs and bows their heads like they're in church. The waiter quietly puts down a plate and tiptoes away. Sam says she wants to show her face in the restaurant again, so they should try to pull it together. Carrie asks someone to say something not sentimental. Sam has this: "Chemo may have pushed me into early menopause." Mir laughs. "Task accomplished." Sam goes on about the hot flashes. "I can barely keep my clothes on!" Carrie says, "And what was your excuse before?" Sam says, "Oh I'm gonna miss you, you cunt." Awesome. And, I'm not. Char sobs anew, clearly overcome by that, um, touching display. Mir says, "Wow, even 'cunt' didn't stop her."

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