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An American Girl In Paris (Part Une)

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Carrie in Paris, Part the First

Carrie returns to the hotel, laden with Dior bags. She explains to Alek that she overshopped in order to make the store's staff forget her awful fall. Oh, wow. She overcompensated for falling down! They should have tried to make her feel comfortable. Or maybe John Galliano has a "must mock" policy in place at all of his design houses. I knew John Galliano was cool. Carrie says she came all the way to Paris to "squat and scoop in Dior." Alek comforts her with a "poor baby." Carrie says that she didn't even check to see if she had all her credit cards. She rummages through her purse and panics. "Oh no. Oh, my god!" Her Carrie necklace is missing. Carrie frantically searches, then dumps out her purse. Alek sort of pays attention as he talks on the phone. Yup. The necklace is gone. Carrie is lost. Oh, boy, the anvils are heavy today.

Carrie walks the sidewalk, alone, alone. Sad Piano has been replaced by Sad Electric Piano, and I think the keyboard player from Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark is sitting in. Carrie stares at four women having lunch, laughing and chatting, and it hits her. She made a mistake.

Miranda takes a handful of Cheerios. Her phone rings. It's Carrie, of course. Mir is thrilled. How's it going? Carrie's really upset. She lost her Carrie necklace, the one she got at that street fair when they were all together, and she'll never be able to replace it, and it makes her so sad, and no one in France understands her, and it sucks. Mir is all, come home. Carrie can't, it's only been a week. Mir asks how things are going otherwise. Well, not good. She's been to every museum "twice," and she's "just sort of lost." And she's alone a lot, since Alek is busy with the opening. But she can't come home, she's just being a baby, she didn't know how much she would miss her friends. Mir says they miss her too. Carrie says she "has too much time to think." Mir, channeling me, says, "What does that mean." Oh, shit. Carrie says she keeps thinking about Big, and what it would be like if she had come to Paris with Big. Mir is silent. Hello? Mir's still there. Then the phone chirps en Francais, and just as Mir says, "Carrie, listen," it cuts her off. Carrie hangs up and walks away.

Sam's giving her inspirational speech, which is turning into a perspirational speech: hot flash going on, big-time. "Look around's the woman next to you at the dry cleaners, ahem, the single mother picking her child up from school. She's brave, she's capable, she's you...oh, fuck it, she's me. And if any of you were having hot flashes, you deserve a fucking medal." Sam pants and complains that first she lost her hair, now her face is running down her couture. Hey, at least you have couture. Your hair will grow back. Then she says, "Oh, fuck it," and pulls off her wig. Smith watches, impressed. A woman in the audience lights up, then pulls off her wig and applauds. Then another woman de-wigs and gives Sam a standing O; then it's a bunch of wigged babes taking it all off and showing Sam some love. It's very sweet. Sam's surprised. She was just being in the moment and being honest. And it paid off. Smith is impressed. He leaps to his feet ands screams for her. The whole room is on its feet, screaming for her. And I think this is Sam's last scene ever. I'm so verklempt! I hope there's more Sam next week. But if this is how she goes out -- herself, warts and all, with some regained dignity and the love of her boyfriend and respect of her peers? I can live with it.

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