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Are We Sluts?

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Are We Sluts?

Sarah Jessica Parker disproves my (non-complimentary) belief that she has a face that can stop traffic. ["I thought the expression for fugly was 'a face that could stop a clock'? And that a face that can stop traffic is a pretty one. I believe this was in an episode of Mad About You, and that my knowing that makes me a big dork. Um, carry on." -- Wing Chun] End credits.

The camera zooms into Carrie's window as she voice-overs the things "a real New Yorker will wait for." Carrie will wait for a perfect rent-controlled apartment, the chocolate soufflé at a restaurant she product-places, and a shoe sale from a designer she also product-places. We zoom up to Carrie and Chris in the Morning standing up and necking in her foyer. She's wearing a skirt that looks like two woven-at-crafts-camp potholders strung together, and CIM has his hands up said non-existent skirt. I've seen more coverage on a matchbook. Carrie voice-overs that she's waited for CIM long enough. She asks CIM to "sleep over." He blows her off with an excuse about getting up early the next morning, and departs. Carrie shuts her door and walks towards the camera in a snit.

Carrie voice-overs that Samantha was opening her door at that moment for a 2 AM guest. We see Samantha drop her robe for the guy who's standing in her doorway. She drags him in for a tryst.

Cut to the next morning. Samantha, sporting her usual JBF look, struts out of her building's elevator into the lobby. She sees some tenants talking to a couple of policemen. They tell her there was an armed robbery in one of the apartments the previous night. Samantha bitches about the building's sub-par security. A policeman tells the tenants that the thief must have walked into the building behind someone else's guest. He runs the surveillance tape on the monitor for the crowd. Samantha sees that the thug came in "behind the guy who came in Samantha," as Carrie so delicately voice-overs. A couple of biddies whine and wonder who in the hell has a guest so late at night. Samantha busts out of there but quick.

The Fabulous Foursome are sitting at their usual Seinfeld-ian table at the local diner, having breakfast. Miranda asks the gals what they did the night before. Charlotte gets morose and doesn't want to discuss it. Samantha cracks wise about Charlotte's possibly "sleeping with someone on the second date." Charlotte corrects her, stating that she had sex with her latest hubbie candidate, and it was the third date. Carrie wonders if the sex was bad. Charlotte is reluctant to tell the gang what the deal is. Miranda tells her to "get over [herself]." Charlotte decides to tell them.

We cut to Charlotte and her new beau in bed. He's orgasming and exclaiming, "You fucking bitch! You fucking whore!" Charlotte makes a stink face and rolls her eyes as he collapses on top of her in ecstasy.

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