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Are We Sluts?

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Are We Sluts?

Back at Carrie's bachelorette pad, she sits on the extravagant leather chair she and CIM dickered over (tee hee) last week and types into her laptop while she voice-overs that it's "inevitable" for thirtysomething New York women to have had a certain number of sexual partners, "but how many men is too many men?" We cut to a close-up of her Apple laptop and this week's thesis query rolls across the screen: "Are we sluts?"

Cut to Charlotte and her beau having dinner. Carrie voice-overs that the slut quandary was on Charlotte's mind. The couple makes small talk over their entrees for a bit until Charlotte has a flashback to his outburst during sex. She throws her copy of The Rules aside and admits that she's "kind of bothered" by what he said to her in bed the other night. He pleads amnesia. Charlotte is too embarrassed to repeat what he said aloud, so she abandons concern over her needs and the expression of independent thought, goes back on Rules autopilot, and tries to please her date by encouraging him to have a bite of her swordfish.

But then we cut to Charlotte and her beau in bed later that night. They're in the missionary position again (natch) and as he ejaculates, he yells out his assessment of Charlotte as "a fucking whore" and "a fucking bitch." Charlotte calls him on it. He says he doesn't know what he just said. Charlotte makes a scrunchy face and ekes the words out. Her beau clutches his pearls; he was "lost in the moment" and "had no idea." He tells her, "Believe me, Charlotte, you are sweet and kind and lovely, and you're the kind of woman I hope to marry someday. I promise never to say that again." Charlotte hears, "Wah wah wah wah wah marry wah wah wah," and all is forgiven.

Meanwhile, over on the set of thirtysomething, Hope and, Steve and Miranda are lying in bed. Steve's trying to mack with her but she tells him she "can't tonight; [she has] chlamydia." Steve says he doesn't know what that is. Miranda explains that it's an STD that either of them might have given to the other. Steve grins and takes this news quite flippantly. Miranda tells him he "probably" should get tested. Um, "probably"? Steve whines that he's "afraid of doctors." Steve doesn't think that he really needs to know; he might just "hurt when [he] pees or something." The HELL? Miranda assures Steve that men are just "carriers" of the disease, which is quite wrong. In actuality, while 75% of women exhibit no symptoms of the STD, 50% of men with chlamydia experience symptoms such as discharge from the penis, burning with urination, and swollen and/or painful testicles. And shame on a show called Sex and the City for not presenting correct facts about an affliction that CDC sources call "the most widespread sexually transmitted disease in the United States. The inanity continues as Miranda tells Steve to get tested so he doesn't pass the disease on to others, and Steve reasons that Miranda is his "only other person, and [she] already [has] it." I thought for sure that Steve's callousness here would cause her to fly characteristically off the handle, because his behavior is certainly perplexing me and creeping me out, but Miranda just asks him to "please get tested" and informs him that they won't have sex until her antibiotic treatment is over and the disease is out of her body.

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