Sex and the City
Are We Sluts?

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Are We Sluts?

Which segues to Samantha supervising some furniture haulers in front of a moving van in the Meatpacking District, where, Carrie voice-overs, "Whores were whores, men were women, and rents were much higher." Samantha greets the transvestite hookers standing in front of her new building, and worries that the movers will nick her bedframe as they move it into her new loft, as if it isn't covered with a gazillion notches already.

Next week: Carrie is a flighty, disingenuous flake. Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha endure zany sexual hijinx. Chris in the Morning wears a shirt made out of blue bandanas, puts down the bong and drawls, "Go with the flooowww." Luckily, our prayers for the return of Mr. Big are answered.

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Sex and the City




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