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Great balls of fire!

Carrie tells us there are a million reasons to celebrate in the city, and Steve no longer having cancer is one of them. The gang, except for Charlotte and Trey, is at the bar playing pool, and Samantha is playing like she knows exactly which pocket to put her balls in. Get it? Balls? You better, because you’ll be hearing that word a lot in this episode. Samantha then starts going on and on about having "only one ball left…just one little ball." When she wins the game, Steve goes to the bar, and the girls and CIM take Samantha to one side and tell her to quit talking about "one ball." Samantha finally gets the hint, and asks if she offended Steve. CIM tells her he wasn’t offended, but is a little embarrassed. The girls, except for Samantha, don’t understand why Steve would be embarrassed about having only one ball. Gee, I don’t know, maybe because he had two his whole life and now he’s missing one? How would they like to go around for the rest of their lives with one boob? CIM thinks that he might think he was less of a man if he only had one ball, and Miranda doesn’t think it makes a difference. Samantha then tells CIM about this one time she was with a guy with balls so big she could barely get one in her mouth, but he was "a big pussy." CIM is very amused. Miranda isn’t into balls, and asks Carrie if she is. She starts to shake her head like she isn’t, but then looks at CIM and tells him she is really into his balls. It's good to see that Carrie isn’t breaking her "no honesty" rule with CIM to tell him what she really thinks. Samantha tells them that guys are totally into their own balls, and they tell her to lick them and pull them. Miranda is all "you pull the balls?!" like she never even thought that there was something you could actually do with balls. Samantha tells them, "They love it!" like she's teaching CIM something too, and then starts to tell another story about a guy she was with when Carrie interrupts. CIM wants Samantha to go on with the story, but Carrie won’t let her. Carrie is such a party pooper. Carrie then theorizes that "balls to men are what purses are to women." Since when are balls sacks that you shove wallets, keys, and a can of mace in? Oh, Carrie then tells us, "It’s just a little bag, but we feel naked in public without it." Since when do men go out in public carrying their Gucci balls? I can think of many things to compare balls to, and a purse is not one of them.

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