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Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

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Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

Hey, is that a bus getting stains all over the front of SJP's dress, or is it just happy to see her? End credits.

Carrie voice-overs the old saw about "New Yorkers being the most jaded people in the world," as we see different vignettes of zany big-city occurrences taking place while the Big Apple denizens express indifference. There's an old-fashioned sidewalk police-beating, a woman hailing a cab while holding her dog in a baby pouch harness, and a nude cocktail waitress. Carrie further elaborates, "It takes quite a bit to shock us." Um, shut up, Carrie! You want eccentricity, visit any one-stoplight rural Southern town. You want cynicism, check out the MBTV writers' employee forum.

Cut to the new show at Charlotte's gallery. The camera pans over to Stanford, Carrie, Samantha and Miranda checking out a photograph on the wall. Carrie VO's that the show is called, "Drag Kings: The Collusion of Illusion and Reality." What's with that title? Are these David Copperfield's photos of women in male drag? Whatever! Charlotte comes over and asks the gang what they think. Carrie swills her martini and makes some lame, pseudo-topical quips about Guiliani possibly shutting down the show and the trend of "women acting like men" surpassing the popularity of Pokémon. Didn't I tell you to shut up already, Carrie? If not, if bears repeating. Samantha and Stanford admire the "bulge" on a cowboy/girl subject, and Stanford wonders if he might be a lesbian. Samantha blathers on about how one of her men once tried on her underwear, but she's never gone "the other way." Stanford explains that in gay relationships "anyone can wear everyone's [sic] underwear." Charlotte makes a stink-face and snarks, "That's hygienic." Hee. Samantha considers becoming a drag king, surmising that it'd be "fun." Miranda's mind boggles at "a woman pretending to be a man in a man's world." This from a woman who's been known to wear tailored three-piece suits with neckties? Although the producers are trying to make us forget this fact by making Miranda pull a Hilary Swank, suddenly femme-ing up in a low-cut cocktail dress, we've all seen the footage from the last two seasons. It's called continuity, writers. Work on it.

Then Donovan Leitch, in stubble and an ugly velvet jacket that looks moth-eaten, latches onto the group. Turns out he's the photographer of the hour. DL, who's called "Barrett" here, tells the group that he derived his inspiration for the show from the belief that "gender is an illusion;" we all have masculine and feminine traits within us. Then he Rico Suave's Charlotte with a compliment that she's "a very beautiful illusion." Charlotte, who's looking smashing in a black sleeveless mock turtleneck gown and a ponytail, quickly excuses herself to go nosh on a canapé. The rest of the Fabulous Foursome join her at the hors d'oeuvres table and, unfortunately, that's the last we see of Stanford. Sob.

Carrie asks Charlotte why she's flustered. She admits that she's attracted to Barrett, but she's too scared to make the first move. Carrie leers and quips, "Someone needs a sock in the pants," which would have been funnier if she didn't giggle afterwards at her own line. Miranda says she's going to "drag" herself home. Zing! Not. Carrie says she's going out on a date after this event; she's meeting someone whom the gals call "the young guy." Carrie doesn't believe his age is an issue. Miranda tells her that "his generation has a different letter than ours." Carrie believes that "age is an illusion." Good-byes are exchanged.

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