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Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

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Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

Back at D&D PR firm, Samanda er, I mean Samantha, wearing a pink leather motocross jacket, a pink ruffled camisole top and lime green skirt, interrupts Matt, her underling, when she overhears him being rude to a client. She reminds him that she's "the boss" and orders him to file something. Then she leers at him from behind the blinds in the conference room. Carrie's VO helpfully explains that Samantha found Matt's "boyish arrogance annoying, unprofessional and incredibly hot." Owen goes to fetch Samantha a drool cup and a sexual harassment defense team.

Cut to Miranda's apartment. She's sitting upright in bed in the dark as Steve lies curled up by her side, asleep. She flips on the light and wakes him up with a harangue about him being on her side of the bed. Steve tries to go back to sleep. Miranda whines to Steve that his "pile of stuff" needs to be "neater." Steve asks her to give him a drawer. Miranda asks incredulously, "You want a drawer?" Instead of taking that as a cue to leave her company, Steve pushes his luck and asks her to "move in." Carrie VO's that "most single women dream of this moment." I am SO SICK of Carrie's massive generalizations! I think she "researches" her theories by drinking herself blind and reading old Cathy comic strips. ["Or she has been listening to her talking Barbies one too may times." -- Nicole] To her credit, Miranda proves to be the exception to Carrie's rule; she reacts to Steve's request with disbelief and anxiety. He gets pissed and puts on his pants to leave. Before stomping away, Steve snarls, "Jesus, Miranda, it's like you're the guy sometimes."

And that sexist blather is topped by our next scene, wherein Miranda, feeling unsure of her femininity, turns to what Carrie's VO tells us is "Manhattan's latest fitness craze -- the Goddess Workout." We see Miranda and Carrie in a group of women who are all prancing about, waving scarves in the air. An instructor urges them to "open [their] chakras and let the inner goddess sing." Carrie yawns and tries to make her scarf into a tube top, but I guess the fabric covers too much skin so she abandons the effort. Miranda finds out that she can't "pop [her] hip" like a true woman, so she frets about being "a guy." Then Carrie and Miranda almost bump heads while flailing their scarves around and decide to bolt from the class.

Sidewalk. Miranda's in her street clothes and a suede overcoat, while Carrie…well, did y'all ever wonder what Lorna Luft might have worn onscreen if Grease 2 had been set at a ski lodge? Fortunately, Carrie's got the answer right here in her "capris on skis" ensemble: turquoise pedal-pushers, heels, cable-knit turquoise sweater (belted!) and a white cardigan/duster. The yenta outfit inspires Carrie to tell Miranda, "In any relationship, one person is the alpha dog, the one that's in charge." Miranda thinks that's exactly who she is, and what's going down with her and Steve.

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