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Carrie and Alek walk on the pier. The seagulls scream, and I am instantly transported back to Danny Drennan's writing about 90210. Remember, the beach house? And how the seagulls never shut up? It's almost meta. She's in this blue velvet coat, oatmeal colored skirt and gloves, and a pink knit hat that I'm sure Rita Marley wore in a previous life. I think she beat up Strawberry Shortcake for it. Then Strawberry Shortcake got all disillusioned and started freebasing cocaine with Underdog, because she had a hole in her heart. She missed that big ol' pink hat. Then Rita Marley never got a hit, and gave the hat to Goodwill. Years later, Pat Field found it, and plopped it on Carrie's head. And now, she's wearing it, and trying to have this really serious conversation with Alek. So, that vasectomy, could it be reversed? No. Not for him. She nods and gets quiet. Carrie says she knows it's too early to say these things, but she's gonna say them. She could "really be" with Alek, and she needs to know, because she's 38, so...she's 38. Alek says, "Thirty-eight is young." Then he says, "I could really be with you as well. But I know who I am. And I won't change my mind. I'm simply too old for that. Being a parent is an extraordinary should have everything you want." Carrie listens to this, then says she's cold. He wraps her in his arms, in his coat. They look out onto the river. She VOs that she still doesn't know what she wants, but that she's "getting warmer."

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Sex and the City




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