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Carrie tells us that, for Samantha, "the road to success was paved with stars," and apparently Samantha felt she needed to coordinate with the pavers, so she Bedazzled some stars onto her clothes. Samantha is wearing a horrid pink suit with a star garland wrapped around one shoulder and falling down onto her arm while sitting at a restaurant with Lucy Liu. You know, the one from Ally McBeal. No, not the young one from The View. No, they aren’t the same person. I know, my mother gets confused about that too. Samantha can’t get over the fact that Lucy is from Queens, so Lucy tries to do some Queens attitude that just looks and sounds like someone not from New York trying to act like someone from New York. ["A friend of mine went to high school with her at Bronx Science, and the IMDb says she's from Queens. Not that I don’t agree with you, though." -- Sars] As Samantha takes the check, Lucy tells her that she's looking for a PR person in New York, and that her last guy was a big liar. Samantha tells her that if she wants the truth, she should know that her last dress at the Golden Globes was a disaster. Lucy is all impressed, because she thought it was bad too, but a bunch of queens told her that it "was fierce." Samantha makes a lame joke about queens and Queens, and Lucy thinks she's funny. Lucy then tells Samantha that she was a waitress, and looks at the check to see how big a tip Samantha left. Lucy is all impressed that Samantha left a twenty-five-percent tip, and Samantha tells her that when she represents someone, it is "class, all the way." I refuse to believe that anyone could take Samantha talking about class seriously when she's wearing such a no-class outfit.

Samantha is at the Hermes store, asking to see the Birkin bag. The salesman tells her the bag costs four thousand dollars, and that there's also a waiting list to get the bag and it will take her five years to get to the top. Samantha is as shocked as I am, because in five years that bag isn’t going to be the status symbol it is now. Carrie tells us that Samantha isn't one for waiting, and Samantha tells the salesman that the bag is for Lucy Liu, and she wanted Lucy to wear the bag to a premiere next week where it would be photographed. The salesman goes to get their PR person on the phone.

Carrie then tells us that Charlotte didn’t want to wait either, as we see Charlotte make an appointment with a fertility doctor for testing.

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