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Charlotte and Trey are at the fertility doctor’s office, and the doctor tells them that her blood and mucus test says that she has a lot of anti-sperm antibodies, and she only has a fifteen-percent chance of getting pregnant naturally. Then the doctor tells them they shouldn’t wait long to consider in vitro fertilization. Now, I don’t know much about fertility treatments, but aren’t there a number of things a couple should do before in vitro? Isn’t that, like, the last thing to try? And for a couple that has only been trying for five months, it seems like the doctor really wants to rush things. Could the writers not do a little research on this before writing it into the show?

Charlotte is walking home from the doctor when Miranda comes up in the other direction. Charlotte sees her and turns around, and Miranda catches up to her to ask her why she is avoiding her. Duh! Charlotte tells her that she's not avoiding her, but Miranda doesn’t believe her and tells her that she didn’t mean to get pregnant and didn’t mean to hurt her. Charlotte doesn’t want to talk about it, and Miranda tells her she doesn’t want to think that Charlotte hates her because she thinks she can’t get pregnant. Charlotte tells her she really can’t get pregnant, and Miranda doesn’t believe her until Charlotte wigs and shows her the paperwork from the doctor showing that there's only a fifteen-percent chance of her having a baby. I would think that Miranda had less than a fifteen-percent chance of getting pregnant herself, and look at the situation she's in. While that number doesn’t seem very high, it still is a chance, and Charlotte should be happy that there isn’t something seriously wrong with her body. Charlotte then asks Miranda if she can go home now, and Miranda asks Charlotte if she wants her to walk with her. Charlotte tells her no, and Miranda tells her that she's going to walk behind Charlotte, then, and if Charlotte wants to talk, to turn around and she will be there. Carrie tells us that Charlotte walked all the way home, and she didn't turn around, but she knew that Miranda was behind her. While it was a nice thing for Miranda to do, I would be bothered if I told a friend I wanted to be alone and that person followed me around. When I tell someone I want to be alone with my thoughts, I mean it, and I think the last person Charlotte wants to talk to about her fertility problems is a woman who got knocked up by mistake and doesn’t want to keep the baby.

Lucy Liu walks into the same restaurant she was in with Samantha the first time they met, and she has the Birkin bag. She sits down at the same booth they were at before, and Samantha is sitting there with a look of shock on her face. Lucy tells her the bag was delivered to her hotel room, and while it isn’t her style, it is a free bag. Samantha confesses that it isn’t a free bag -- she bought it, and used Lucy's name to get it. Lucy looks annoyed, and tells Samantha that the Hermes PR woman called her and told her that Samantha yelled "fuck" at her twelve times. Samantha denies it, and makes up a story about how she was on her cell phone so the PR rep must have heard another conversation. Lucy calls her a liar and fires her, and walks off with the Birkin. Samantha starts hissing "fuck!" a bunch of times under her breath. Oh, the comedy of it all! Except for the part where this whole storyline wasn’t funny in the least bit. Last week Samantha was yelling at men about being treated equally, and this week she's scheming for a pocketbook. Maybe there just shouldn’t be any storylines with Samantha in them anymore. Just let her eat and shop with the girls and dole out advice, and spare us the dumb subplots.

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