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Carrie is rushing across a street again, telling us that she's late for dinner with CIM. She finds him at the restaurant, and he tells her that they wouldn’t seat him until she got there. When they go up to the hostess, she tells them that they let the table go, and there will be a wait. They decide to go to the bar and wait, but there's a waitlist even to sit at the bar, so they decide to sit outside and wait.

The two of them are sitting outside, drinking bottles of beer with paper bags wrapped around them. CIM asks her how her beer is, and she tells him, "It’s classy." Classier than Carrie and her freak outfits. She would probably look better wearing a paper sack herself most of the time. Carrie then confesses to CIM that she did have an abortion; she got pregnant because the condom broke. Then she confesses that she lied about the condom breaking, that there was no condom. He asks her why she's lying, and she tells him that she didn’t want CIM to think less of her because she was eighteen and had sex with a guy with no condom and got pregnant and got an abortion and didn’t tell the guy. Then she confesses that she was really twenty-two. CIM starts smacking her legs and throws her on the ground to roll around on her, because her pants are on fire. CIM then asks her if her name is really Carrie, and then tells her that he was no angel himself. She asks if he ever got a girl pregnant, and he tells her pointedly, "Not that I know of." Carrie thinks it must be great to be a guy sometimes, and he doesn’t respond. She asks if she is still his girl; he tells her she is, and they kiss. Their table is ready so they start to go inside, and she tells him that Miranda is keeping the baby, and not to tell Steve because it isn’t their business. Carrie then tells us, "They say life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. But sometimes in New York, life is what happens when you’re waiting for a table." Which, like so many things in this episode, makes no sense whatsoever.

Next week, the summer finale. Thank God we get a break from the madness!

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