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Big and Carrie go to a fancy restaurant together, and she tells us that she and Big have become friends, and “it had never been better.” They are at a bar drinking and smoking and talking about how people don’t dress up anymore. Carrie is dressed up like she's trying to look like Jennifer Lopez (I refuse to call her J. Lo). in her Chanel “check out my nipples” dress she wore at the Oscars. Except that Carrie’s incarnation thankfully covers up her breasts.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Trey are at a party together and Trey is all horny and tells her she “has a damn fine ass.” Charlotte suggests that they get their coats and go back to her place, and they end up getting it on in the bedroom where all the coats are.

Big takes Carrie home and tries to score, but Carrie is having none of it. Big tells her he is always available, and as Carrie is walking up her steps to her door, you see that her hoop skirt flies out about five feet in diameter, almost exposing her ass as it sways back and forth as she moves, and she is also sporting a beat-up old sweater that really makes the whole ensemble look like shit. Maybe Big brought up the “no one dresses up anymore” subject as a polite way to tell Carrie to wear a decent jacket when he takes her out.

The girls are having breakfast. They all look very nice, except for Carrie, who is wearing overalls and a wifebeater shirt, with a strange glass and metal octopus/bug-looking pin. Charlotte asks them if they ever got it on in a restaurant bathroom. Carrie and Miranda name off restaurants, and Samantha tells them about a flight she was on. Miranda tells Samantha the question was about a restaurant bathroom, not an airplane bathroom, and Samantha responds with “there were warm nuts involved!” That would be funny if most restaurants served warm nuts, but instead it came across as yet another lame attempt by the writers to have Samantha talk about another kinky situation. Charlotte then asks if they ever got it on in a coatroom. Carrie and Samantha have, but Miranda hasn’t, so she asks for the pancake syrup. Carrie asks Charlotte if she's been getting some lately, and Charlotte tells the girls about her and Trey. Miranda thought Trey couldn’t get it up, but Charlotte tells them he is able to and has been getting it up for a while. Carrie thinks that's good news, but Charlotte is all confused because she doesn’t know what her status is with Trey now. She wonders if they are dating or back together, or if Trey is “my ex-husband, whom I have sex with occasionally in coatrooms.” Okay, last week they were only separated. Did they get divorced during the week and no one told us? Is it so hard to keep up continuity? Charlotte tells the girls she wants to know where she and Trey are going, and Carrie is all, “Yes, we’d like to know as well, since evidently you’ll be having sex there.” Ha! That totally should have been a Miranda line, but the writers made her too busy to talk because she was shoving pancakes into her mouth the whole time Charlotte was talking. Charlotte then asks Carrie what she did over the weekend, and she tells them she went out with Big. The girls are shocked, and Miranda even stops eating for a few seconds. Carrie assures the girls that they are just friends and she isn’t sleeping with Big. Miranda is very upset and tells her that she'd better watch out. Samantha also warns her, and Carrie gets a little defensive. Charlotte asks her if she is thinking about having sex with Big, and Carrie tells them she isn’t, but Miranda doesn’t think she answered fast enough. It's good to see the girls so protective of Carrie.

Carrie mopes around her apartment, downing a bottle of Pellegrino and thinking about relationships. She asks her laptop, “What really defines a relationship?”

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