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Carrie tells us that Miranda let her boundaries down with a cartoonist for the New Yorker, as we see Miranda and cartoon-man rolling around on her bed with their clothes half off. Cartoon-man is one of those guys who is probably in his mid-thirties but looks like he is in his mid-forties -- chunky, balding blond hair so it looks like he has even less hair than he really has. ["For the record, it's Jim Gaffigan, 'star' of a number of gloriously failed sitcoms." -- Sars] Cynthia Nixon must have pissed off some bigwig at HBO or something. First they make her cram food into her mouth all the time, and then they hook her up with a really unsexy man. Carrie then tells us that Miranda and Cartoon-man have been seeing each other for a month. The next morning, Carrie tells us, was a morning of firsts for Miranda, since it was the first morning Cartoon-man spent with her, and the first time someone peed in front of her, as we see Cartoon-man walk in on Miranda brushing her teeth and lift up the toilet seat to relieve himself. Miranda looks disgusted. I cannot believe that a woman in her mid-thirties who lives in New York City has never shared a bathroom with someone. She lived with Steve last year, and he definitely looks like someone who keeps the bathroom door open.

Carrie then tells us that the gang went to an opening for a Brazilian artist. Miranda complains to them about how it isn’t okay for anyone to use the bathroom while someone else is in there, and that you should close the door when you do your business. Carrie thinks it is funny that “Miss Boundaries has found Mr. No-Boundaries.” Come on, if you are familiar enough with someone to let him put his penis in your body, unless that person has an exploding ass, who gives a shit (pun intended) if he takes a piss in front of you? Sonia Braga walks over and introduces herself to Samantha. There is some small talk about how great her work is, and Samantha agrees to go to her loft to see more of her artwork to purchase. Samantha then asks where all the hot guys are, just as Sonia’s ex-girlfriend walks over and gives Sonia a kiss. This doesn’t faze Samantha in the least.

Carrie tells us that “her ex introduced her to a tiny jazz club in the East Village.” A number of people on the forums say that there are no tiny jazz clubs in the East Village. I tend to believe the forum members rather than the writers. Pardon me while I go slip into my hip-waders, because this episode is getting close to knee-deep with all the bullshit we are expected to accept. While the two are sitting at a table right in front of the stage listening to the band, Big asks, “Aren’t these cats amazing?” Okay, why don’t I ever see Big using the term “cat” used to describe humans, unless it's two women about to fight over him? Carrie thinks they are amazing, because the bass player, a.k.a. The Music Man, is flirting with her. The band finishes their song, and as Big goes to the bar to get them another drink, Music Man drops a note on their table. It says, “Is that your boyfriend?” Carrie tells us that everyone in the world seems to want her to define her relationship with Big.

Now Big and Carrie are at the bar drinking. I guess since the band finished playing, Carrie found no reason to stay at the table. Big is patting himself on the back for being all jazz-knowledgeable and finding this place, and Carrie is letting him keep patting himself (pun intended). Music Man walks by, and Big stops him to tell him what a good job he did. Music Man tells him the only reason the band lets him play with them is because he owns the club. He introduces himself to Carrie, and she starts to act like a fourteen-year-old flirting with a high school senior. Big starts to get jealous, and then Carrie tells them that she needs to go home. Big suggests he call for his limo, and Music Man suggests he get a cab with Carrie since he needs to go too and they are going the same direction. Big decides to join them.

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