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Samantha is at Sonia Braga’s loft doing silk screening with her, as Sonia explains that as a Brazilian tradition, everyone that walks through her door has to help out, and Sam could either help with the art or help with the laundry. Samantha and Sonia have really become quite friendly and are having fun. When they are finished, Samantha tells her she will buy some artwork and Sonia will buy her next manicure as she shows Sonia her messed-up nails. Sonia holds Samantha’s hand and starts to caress it. Samantha tells her that she has done the girl thing while on Quaaludes while with another guy, and that she isn’t a relationship person. She asks if they can be friends, and Sonia tells her they can if Samantha buys a lot of her art. They share a good laugh. Man, Sonia is some sort of whore here -- she is constantly trying to get Samantha to either give her money or get it on with her.

The girls are clothes shopping, and Carrie finds a hickey on Charlotte’s neck. She tells them that she and Trey made out at the movies, and she gave him a blowjob in the theater. Carrie whispers, “Crouching Charlotte Hidden Hummer,” and then stares down at something interesting on the floor, or something, but she can’t look Charlotte in the eyes when she says that. Charlotte tells them she stopped trying to figure out what kind of relationship she has with Trey and is just enjoying herself. Samantha congratulates her on finally having a healthy relationship, and Charlotte then looks very concerned. Carrie tells us that Charlotte realized that if Samantha says she has a healthy relationship, she must have “one sick relationship on her hands.” She's only figuring that out now?

Trey and Charlotte are in a taxi, going at it, and Charlotte wants to wait and go to his bed and make love. Trey keeps pushing himself on her, and she gets upset and yells at him about waiting for a few more blocks when they can do it in private, and then she asks him if he is afraid to have sex in their bed. Trey gets all embarrassed and asks Charlotte not to talk about it in front of the taxi driver. Charlotte tells him he shouldn’t mind, because he wanted to have sex in front of the driver, and then she gets out of the car. God, Trey is such a tool. I really hope he is out of the picture soon because this story is getting really annoying.

Back at her apartment, Charlotte gets a call from Trey. He asks her if they make love in his bed, can they still have sex in a taxi. Charlotte gets a goofy grin on her face and tells him, “We’ll see.” Trey then tells her he’ll call her tomorrow, and Charlotte is all of a sudden all content with herself. Carrie tells us, “When Charlotte closed the taxi door, she opened a whole new window.” Yeah, a window of opportunity for the writers to torture us with more “will they or won’t they?” storylines that will make us cry, “All righty! Just put me out of my misery!”

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